Monday, June 05, 2006

Beautify CNMI in the News

Saipan Tribune, Sunday, June 4, 2006

Recycling project takes off at Lib Day site
Story by Ferdie de la Torre

The Beautification Group, a coalition of different government agencies and private sector, kicked off Friday one of its community projects-a place for recycling awareness-at the Liberation activities venue at Fishing Base in Garapan.

Tina Sablan, chair of the group's recycling subcommittee, told the media that it is part of the "Beautify CNMI" campaign headed by Rep. Cinta Kaipat with the participation of the government, private sector, non-profit organizations and individual volunteers.

"The Liberation Day committee has shown their full support. One of the projects of the recycling subcommittee that I chair is to promote recycling in the community and this is the first time that we're doing this," Sablan said.

She said the Division of Environmental Quality is providing the materials needed for the recycling program, while Power Inc. will be providing volunteers to watch the recycling containers throughout the festival.

"They [volunteers] are going to be reminding residents where they should put their plastic bottles and aluminum cans," Sablan said.

The recycling containers, she said, will be distributed around the carnival grounds.

"Power Inc. will be coming in every night to pick up the cans and bottles and take them down to the transfer station," Sablan said, adding that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce is providing funds for the project.

"This is just the start of the Beautify CNMI campaign. There will be more projects to come," she added.

Tony Cabrera, overall chairman of the Liberation Day committee, thanked Sablan for initiating the project at the Liberation Day festivity grounds.

Cabrera said recycling is a habit where the CNMI should continue educating people.

"The schools, the businesses are involved and DEQ is spearheading the program," Cabrera said.

Tony Benavente of the Mayor's Office said Saipan Mayor Juan B. Tudela fully supports the newly created intergovernmental beautification task force, with DEQ as the main coordinator for the whole group.

"The mayor is asking the cooperation of the public both here at the site and everywhere on Saipan to please let's keep our island beautiful and clean," Benavente said.

Steve Hiney, consultant of the Department of Public Works solid waste management issues, said DPW Secretary Jose S. Demapan is a big supporter of efforts toward preserving the pristine environment of the islands.

" Really this is just a beginning. This is our first kick off of what's going to be a multifaceted beautification effort. It is not just recycling but it is dealing with littering, dealing with public education." Hiney said.

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