Thursday, June 29, 2006

Better Late than Never

The Saipan Tribune reported on last Sunday's tree planting in their weekly Environment page, which is published on Thursdays.

Saipan Tribune, Thursday, June 29, 2006

Digging for trees

The beauticians of the Beautify CNMI! campaign are at it again-and this time they are digging for trees. On Sunday, June 25, volunteers gathered to "quarry" the rocky soil alongside Beach Road and plant seven flame trees.

Volunteers had to break through a layer of compacted coral fill to get to the underlying soil. Only after several inches of coral were extracted could the volunteers set aside their picks in favor of shovels.

The new trees replaced those that had been damaged or destroyed. The Department of Parks and Recreation donated the trees, while MOVERS, a Filipino volunteer organization, provided much of the brawn. Beautify CNMI! volunteers Corie Borja, Bob Schwalbach, Glen Hunter, Jed Horey, Capt. Carl Brachear, Gus Kaipat, and Josiah Lizama also supplied their muscle and sweat. Ken Kramer, Tina Sablan, and Angelo Villagomez, chairpersons within the Beautify CNMI! campaign, coordinated the event.

Beautify CNMI! is a coalition of citizens, private/volunteer groups and governmental entities united to enhance Saipan 's natural beauty for the benefit of its residents and visitors. The group identifies opportunities to collaborate with others, and then turns ideas into actions that improve the environment.

In their next project, Beautify CNMI! will work with businesses and students of the Northern Marianas Collage to plant trees and shrubs along Middle Road, from Pizza Hut to the Chalan Monsignor intersection. The students, members of Sam McPhetre's Current Issues class, will assist in creating a landscaping plan. Future planting areas include the road to the airport from the Guangdong Hardware intersection; Airport Road; and the section of Middle Road going to Marpi.

Saipan and the rest of the Marianas need more hardworking volunteers to plant trees. Anyone who wishes to contribute ideas, donate plants (or backhoes!), or volunteer assistance to Beautify CNMI can attend the next Restoration Subcommittee meeting. More details are available at Angelo Villagomez's blog at: Anyone interested in becoming an Earth Team Volunteer should contact Anton Tornito on Guam at (671) 472-7156, or (PR)

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