Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Donate Water for Volunteers!

Planting trees can be hard work! Those volunteers get thirsty! They get hungry, too!

Volunteers that participate in tree plantings, stream and beach cleanups, or that man the Liberation Day recycling booth are donating their most valuable resource, their time.

We need to keep them happy, so we need to provide them with plenty of water and occasionally food, sodas, and other snacks. Our budget is limited, so Beautify CNMI has to rely on donations.

Please help us keep those volunteers happy! Please donate food, drinks, and water to Beautify CNMI.

Water bottles, sodas, snacks, or other food can be brought to the Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Office on Beach Road in South Garapan. We are between Naked Fish and Ming Palace.

Marianas RC&D is a non-profit corporation, so all donations can be considered an in-kind contribution for tax purposes.

Please contact Angelo Villagomez at 236-0894 to schedule a drop off.

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