Friday, June 30, 2006

Getting ready for Sunday

The trees from last week's planting are doing very well. It has rained almost every single night, so we haven't had to water them. Parks and Recreation came by the site earlier this week to put stakes around the small trees. The stakes and flagging tape will keep people from driving over them.

Parks and Recreation also donated 11 more flame trees to Beautify CNMI for our tree planting this Sunday. We are going to continue replacing the trees along Beach Road that are missing.

To make things even better, Sid Cabrera from NMC CREES coordinated with Joe Mendiola at DPW to get us a backhoe. They dug out the holes for the 11 trees this afternoon.

All we'll have to do on Sunday is carry the trees and potting soil from the RC&D office to the holes, round out the holes a bit with our shovels, and then water and plant the trees.

When we are finished with our planting on Sunday, there will be a flame tree every 30 feet along Beach road on the beach side from the Garapan Fishing Base to Gold Beach Hotel. In total we will have planted 22 trees in 13 days.

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