Friday, June 23, 2006

Local People Solving Local Problems

This Editorial appeared on the pages of the Marianas Variety on Friday, June 23, 2006:

We all have to pitch in
By Zaldy Dandan
Variety Editor

A COALITION of government agencies and private sector organizations, Beautify CNMI, has begun its tree planting activities and has put up a recycling booth at the Liberation carnival grounds across from the Kristo Rai Church.

This new group is one of the many organizations out there that are taking the initiative to do what must be done to make these islands a better place not only for visitors but for residents as well.

With the government broke and scraping for funds for its many obligations, residents will have to rely more and more on their own efforts to get most things done. The government cannot do everything for us. Nor should it do so.

Ensuring that we all live in a healthy, clean and safe environment is a never-ending task that requires all of us to do our part. It makes perfect economic sense to make this place more attractive to visitors. And it is common sense to help clean up the place we call home.

We are hoping that more groups, more communities and more individuals will lend a hand to Beautify CNMI.

(For more information, call DEQ at 664-8500 or Marianas Resource Conservation & Development at 236-0894.)

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