Sunday, July 23, 2006

1000 Trees!

With our planting of 488 trees along the beach this morning, the total number of trees planted by our island revegetation project stands at 1,139...and that is only since June 19th.

46 community volunteers, with coconuts, gloves, and shovels in hand, showed up at the 13 Fisherman Memorial at 8 AM to participate in the planting. About half of the volunteers were members of MOVER, the community group that helped us plant our first flame trees only one month ago. The other half were other concerned citizens.

In addition to the MOVER volunteers, we had help from Emily Gironda, Diana Felix, Juanita Fajardo, Adam Sablan, Zachary Sablan, Sid Cabrera, Kyle Kaipat, Dennis Cabrera, Joe Taijeron, EJ Lee, Carl Brachear, Cinta Kaipat, Josiah Lizama, AJ Lizama, Franklin Lizama, Brandon Lieto, Glen Hunter, and Tina Sablan.

Here we are planting tree number 1000. When it came time to put the sapling in the ground, every volunteer took a fistful of soil and threw it in the hole. That was Cinta's idea. Great idea, Cinta!

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