Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beautify CNMI asks for help!

Saipan Tribune, Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Utah Boys Scouts' help sought for tree planting
By Marconi Calindas

A delegation of Boy Scouts of America from Utah's Trapper Trails Council, who are currently conducting a one-week summer camp for CNMI Boy Scouts, have been asked to help in a tree planting activities this week.

Beautify CNMI representative Angelo Villagomez went to the Camp Lao Lao Bay in San Vicente yesterday to ask the group to participate in the upcoming tree planting activity on Thursday where over 175 seedlings will be planted across the island.

Trapper Trails Council crew adviser David Stone said he and his 16 members would be glad to help, together with 42 other Boy Scouts from the CNMI, as part of the camp's service projects. However, they are asking the community to help them with a means of transportation that could carry at least 60 individuals. The visiting group, composed of 12 Boy Scouts and a female scout, flew in from Palau Saturday morning.

Stone and four adults are spearheading the Camp Lao Lao Bay since Monday. The camp attracted at least 42 young boys from the CNMI, with ages ranging from 11 to 18. The scouts will be camping out for one week and will be engaged in activities aligned with the Boy Scouts' mission and vision.

"We had an opening camp fire night on Monday and we will end the activity with the Friday camp fire night, inviting parents of the boys," said Stone.

Friday's activities will include presentations from the Boy Scouts to show what they have done for the week.

Stone and the visiting scouts said the children from the CNMI are quick to learn and fun to work with. Stone is hoping that the children would absorb values that would help them become better citizens, fathers and husbands in the future.

He said the CNMI used to have camps attended by more than 100 Boy Scouts. "We hope to see that again in the future," said Stone.

Yesterday's activities included basic archery lessons, leaf weaving and other group activities related to daily survival.


The Trapper Trails Council brought in the only female scout in the team, Angela Porter, 18. Porter said she joined the troop because there aren't many girl scouts back in her hometown, Ogden, Utah. She said she has been enjoying her experience both in Palau and on Saipan.

The other Boy Scouts with her are Mike Hyer, Aaron Semadeni, Kyle Loveridge, Phillip Stone, Jared Stone, Josiah Rupp, Cameron Porter, BJ Williams, Spencer Hall, Nik Stay and Scott Major. Assistant advisers include Dr. Charles Bean, Darrell Rupp, Rick Porter, Philip Eborn and local BSA executive Neil Rasmussen.

Aloha Council and CNMI Scout master Al Cabael also lent a hand in the camp since yesterday. The camp is still open to interested boys. Interested parents can still drive their boys to the Camp Lao Lao Bay in San Vicente for registration.

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