Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kudos for Kaipat

Marianas Variety, Friday, August 25, 2006

Let’s all keep it clean
By Zaldy Dandan
Variety Editor

ANOTHER individual deserving special mention this week is Rep. Cinta Kaipat for her dedication to the environment and beautification efforts. Kaipat leads her group of volunteers each week to clean and beautify a specific area of concern in the community.

Kaipat understands what many miss, and that is maintaining a clean and healthy environment is a lesson taught each day at home and in school. Brigades of volunteers cannot be permanently responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind from weekends at the beach, or the casual littering that occurs everywhere, everyday.

Kaipat deserves support for her effort. Vice Speaker Quitugua also deserves recognition for the roadside cleanup that he undertakes in his district. Both these lawmakers have been consistent in their commitment to these projects, which is extremely important to the long-term success of any community endeavor.

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