Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Make A Donation!

Beautify CNMI! does not have a budget. Everything we have accomplished over the last few months has been courtesy of volunteer labor and in-kind donations. Every tree, water bottle, chicken leg, garbage bag, bush cutter, and machete was donated by a volunteer, a volunteer group, or a government agency. Every. Single. One.

We have been very successful without a budget and although I am sure that we will continue to rely on the generosity of our volunteers, it would be nice if we could relieve them of the burden of providing their own water, food, garbage bags, shovels, picks, bush cutters, gasoline, and such.

Considering this and the fact that many people have been asking how they can donate to our cause, especially online, we have added an online donation service to our blog.

Since we are not a formal group, Beautify CNMI! can not accept donations. However, some of our partners, such as Marianas RC&D and MINA, are able to accept them.

My Coral Reef Public Awareness Project in Saipan with RC&D is able to accept cash donations in person or online. The button that has been added to the bottom of each post on this blog will take you to Paypal. Just follow the simple steps to make a donation in any amount.

Donations will be used to support the goals of Beautify CNMI! and all donors will be recognized on this blog. There will be complete transparency and a full accounting of how the funds are spent (also to be published on this blog).

As an added bonus, any person donating $20 or more will receive a Beautify CNMI! T-shirt. We will ship it anywhere in the world...even Canada.

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Diezel said...

i think this is a good thing for the CNMI. keep it up.