Friday, September 22, 2006

Meeting Notes

Mark your calendars, folks -- National Public Lands Day on September 29! Celebrating public lands, unveiling the new Beautify CNMI! logo, and launching the Beautify CNMI! anti-litter campaign and Arbor Day activities slated for October. 9am @ American Memorial Park's Marianas Memorial, free and open to the public.


Beautify CNMI General Meeting
Thursday, Sept 14, 2006
10am - 11:30am

Present: Patrick Leon Guerrero (CUC); Frank Tudela (MVA); Steve Hiney (DPW); Angelo Villagomez (RC&D); Cinta Kaipat, Dennis Cabrera, Kyle Kaipat (Legislature); Kathy Yuknavage (CRM/MINA); Tony Benavente (MOS); Charles Reyes (Governor's); Steve Tilley (Zoning); Jeffrey Castro (DLNR)


RESTORATION COMMITTEE : National Public Lands Day; Arbor Day; Tree plantings at Grotto, Laulau, and Santa Soledad Church in Kagman; Stream and beach cleanups at Laulau; Koblerville substation cleanup
  • National Public Lands Day is SEPTEMBER 29! -- Proclamation at American Memorial Park's Marianas Memorial at 9am; unveiling of anti-litter and tree planting activities that will launch in October (plus awards for the designer of the new Beautify CNMI! logo, graduation of newly certified Litter Control Officers)
  • Arbor Day is OCTOBER 16! -- Forestry is sponsoring a Poster Contest; Proclamation and planting at Koblerville Elementary
  • 1,711 trees planted since June -- Laulau revegetation project completed; Coral trees donated by World Resort given to Santa Soledad Church for their beautification project several weeks ago
  • Stream and beach cleanups at Laulau in the last month yielded over 2000lbs of garbage
  • Koblerville substation area -- new paint job, weeds cleared, trash picked up -- future Peace Park?

LITTER/JUNK COMMITTEE -- Litter Control Training Sept 12-13 completed; Adopt-a-Beach & Adopt-a-Road programs finalized; MINA Wing beach cleanup; Junk car project update

  • 20 newly certified Litter Control Officers! -- Representatives from CRM, DPW, Mayor's Office, DLNR, DFW, and DEQ received training in Litter Control Law enforcement; will be awarded badges, certificates, and citation booklets on SEPTEMBER 29 NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY EVENT (Note: Originally scheduled for Oct 3; Sept 29 is the new date)
  • MINA Wing Beach September cleanup -- over 300lbs of garbage; regular trash services for Wing Beach donated by MINA member for entire year
  • Adopt-a-Beach (DEQ) & Adopt-a-Road (MVA) programs ready to launch! -- Unveiling at Sept 29 National Public Lands event
  • Junk car project MOA to be signed soon-- between Balli Steel and CNMI government, to process junk cars and ship out scrap metal at no cost to the government; Mayor's Office requested to utilize available funds to repair boom truck to facilitate collection of junk cars from villages; Rep. Kaipat also said that it would be possible to reappropriate additional funds if needed for boom truck repairs; storage area for autos still needed

PUBLICITY -- Logo contest deadline Sept 21; Anti-Litter Outreach Campaign for October; Beautify CNMI! website; MIC presentation; Rotary Club invitation

  • New Beautify CNMI! logo to be selected by Committee today! -- Cash prizes ($500; $300; $200); Over 40 entries submitted so far.
  • Anti-Litter Outreach Campaign -- to include Beach Patrol courtesy visits by Litter Control Officers; radio/TV/print PSAs; interviews; recruitment of volunteers for Adopt-a-Beach/Adopt-a-Road program; and ambitious "1020 on 10/20" islandwide cleanup and beautification project, mobilizing at least 1,020 volunteers on Oct 20
  • Beautify CNMI! official website launched -- . Kudos to David Bell and Angelo Villagomez!
  • Micronesians in Island Conservation-- conservation professionals from around the region came to Saipan last month for retreat; included presentation of Beautify CNMI! successes
  • Rotary Club invitation -- October 10, Beautify CNMI! presentation

RECYCLING -- CNMI Recycles Day 2006; Garapan Street Market recycling; Regional Recycling update

  • CNMI Recycles Day-- 3rd Annual School Recycling Contest; businesses, families, friends of schools encouraged to participate; contest ends November 15; award ceremony on Nov 18
  • Garapan Street Market recycling -- focused on cans; stickers with image of cans now available for the bins courtesy of Pacific Trading (thank you PTC!)
  • Regional Recycling Update -- Pacific Islands Regional Recycling Initiative Committee representatives met in Guam in August to decide on bylaws and articles of incorporation, target dates and goals for scrap metal pilot project; prepare for UN meeting in Beijing in October; next PIRRIC meeting in Saipan, early next year


  • Draft letters of invitation from Cinta to Mayors of Tinian and Rota -- to jumpstart Beautify CNMI! spirit in their islands
  • Zoning Board updates -- public hearing on adult business regulations on Sept 22; Zoning Code to be updated, may include provisions for nuisances, junk cars, etc.
  • Puerto Rico Dump closure -- great progress, nearing completion. Kudos to DPW!