Friday, September 29, 2006

National Public Lands Day

The National Public Lands Proclamation was a smashing success! In his speech, Lietenant Governor Tim Villagomez volunteered to be the 1st person in line to participate in "1020 on 10/20," Beautify CNMI!'s island-wide cleanup to take place on October 20th.

Now we only need to recruit 1019 more volunteers!

But wait, there's more!

DLNR Secretary Dr. Dela Cruz, Public Lands Secretary Del Rosario, Congressman Waki, Congresswoman Kaipat, and several of our other community leaders also promised to take the lead and to serve as an example that we all need to take care of our home, our islands. They all pledged to adopt a road, a beach, or a park on 10/20.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your leadership and your service!


Super Volunteers! Adam Sablan and his mom, Juanita Fajardo, before the start of the ceremony. Adam and Juanita have participated in almost every single Beautify CNMI! tree planting, beach, community, and stream cleanup! Adam got to skip school to come to the ceremony. Shhh...don't tell his teacher at San Vicente!

She's the winner. Praween Banu (with Frank Tudela from MVA in the background) was the grand prize winner in the Beautify CNMI! logo contest. We've already used her winning design on a banner, buttons, bumper stickers, shirts, and our letterhead. Thank you, Praween!

Nice Programs! Representative Waki holds up the National Public Lands Day program while talking to American Memorial Park Site Manager, Chuck Sayon, and Franz Reksid of DPL.

The Steves. Newly certified Litter Enforcement Officer Frank Tudela of MVA poses for a picture with the Beautify CNMI Steves: Steve Tilley of Zoning co-chairs the legislation committee and Steve Hiney of DPW co-chairs the litter control committee.

Kicking off the event. (From left to right) Mayor Tudela, Representative Kaipat, myself, Antonio Benavente from the Saipan Mayor's Office, the Trash Man, Steve Hiney from DPW, Tina Sablan from DEQ, and Lietenant Governor Villagomez begin the ceremony and prepare to unveil the new Beautify CNMI! logo (rolled up in the background).

No one else was available. Someone at Beautify CNMI! thought it would be a good idea for me to emcee the event. I feel bad for everyone who had to listen to me bumble through mispronouncing last names and forgetting things. I'll try to get it right by next year's Public Lands Day.

Reading the National Public Lands Day proclamation. (Seated: DPL Secretary Del Rosario, DLNR Secretary Dr. Dela Cruz, Representative Kaipat, Lietenant Governor Villagomez, Mayor Tudela; Standing: Antonio Benavente, DEQ Director Frank Rabauliman, American Mememorial Park Site Manager Chuck Sayon, Angelo Villagomez, Tina Sablan, and Steve Hiney). After a few comments about the importance of Public Lands, Lietenant Governor Villagomez signed the National Public Lands Day proclamation.

I don't think so, buddy. DEQ Director Frank Rabauliman and John Gonzalez of DPL share a light moment during the ceremony.

Group photo. The newly certified Litter Control Officers (in the navy blue polo shirts) pose for a group photo with the Beautify CNMI chairs and others.

More Super Volunteers! MOVER President Marites Castillo (white shirt), Angel (navy blue), Adam Sablan and Juanita Fajardo pose with Rep. Kaipat, Rep. Waki. DPS Commissioner Warfield, and myself (I listed those names in no particular order. You're welcome). Under the leadership of Marites, MOVER has donated over 1000 volunteer hours to the activities of Beautify CNMI! Thank you, MOVER!

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