Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One more day to submit logos

Saipan Tribune, Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last call for entries for Beautify CNMI logo tilt
By Marconi Calindas

Students, graphic artists, and all interested individuals who have a knack for creating logos are invited to submit their entries to the Beautify CNMI Logo Contest ending this Thursday.

Beautify CNMI officer Angelo Villagomez said the contest is open to everybody and not just to students or graphic artists.

"The contest is open to everyone in the CNMI. I think there might be a misconception about who is eligible to submit logo designs. I have spoken with some professionals and they thought it was just for students. I have also spoken with some students and they thought it was just for professionals. Simply put everyone is eligible," he said.

To date the group there are already 32 submitted entries. The prizes at stake are $500 for the first prize, $300 for the second prize, and $200 for the third place.

Below are the guidelines for the logo design contest:

* Be original;

* Be simple in design and not depend on a color scheme to be effective-it should look superb in color or in black and white;

* Relevant to the actions and mission of Beautify CNMI, a coalition of concerned citizens, private groups, and government entities united to enhance the CNMI's natural beauty and foster community pride in its residents and visitors; and

* Artists can submit more than one design and more than one artist can work together on a single submission. The artist's full name, mailing address, telephone number and email address-if available, must accompany each logo submission. A brief statement explaining the design is also required.

The designs could be hard copy by free-hand sketch or drawing or computer generated. Computer generated images are acceptable in .gif, .bmp, or .jpg format. The logo will ultimately be applied as a 2" by 2" icon. Submissions of different sizes are welcome, but will be judged after being shrunk or expanded to this size.

All entries will become the property of Beautify CNMI and can be used freely by Beautify CNMI and must be received on or before Thursday, Sept. 21, 12pm. Entries are to be submitted to Beautify CNMI in care of DEQ via email or postal service PO Box 501304 Saipan MP 96950.

Submissions may also be made in person and delivered to the DEQ office at the Gualo Rai Center- Chalan Pale Arnold, Saipan.

Beautify CNMI reserves the right to modify the winning logo at any time but when possible, Beautify CNMI will work with the original artists to make these changes.

Beautify CNMI reserves the right to correct any information that appears in this contest in error and is not responsible for omissions.

For questions and further information, contact Reina Camacho at 664-8500 or through email

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