Thursday, October 26, 2006

4.56 Tons, 3380 volunteers

These are the final numbers. There are a few groups out there who never got back to me with their number of participants, so the "true" number is probably a bit higher. Even so, I am proud to announce that 1020 on 10/20 yielded 4.56 tons of trash with the participation of 3380 volunteers.

One ton equals 2000 lbs. 1020 on 10/20 yield 4.56 tons of trash, which adds up to 9120 lbs.


This is the number reported to Beautify CNMI by Steve Hiney. He had his guys at the transfer station keep track of all the waste brought in by 1020 on 10/20 participants.

Several participants reported the weight of the trash removed from their adopted location. Here are a few examples:

580 lbs was removed from the Beach in front of Aquarius Hotel
380 lbs was removed from Tank Beach
280 lbs was removed from the beach north of the 13 Fishermen Memorial
500 lbs was removed from the road between NMC and San Vicente Elementary
38 lbs of aluminum cans ALONE were removed between San Vicente Elementary and the Post Office
140 lbs was removed from Wing Beach
500 lbs was removed from the beach behind GTC Elementary

Great job, everyone! Thank you to everyone who participated.

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