Monday, October 23, 2006

Department of Public Lands on 10/20

The Department of Public Lands adopted the stretch of road between the college and San Vicente Elementary. They picked up about 500 lbs of trash.

From Evelyn Techur:

"DPL was pleased to be able to participate and take part in the "1020 on 10/20 Beautify CNMI." It was a successful event and we would gladly do it again. Again, we at DPL are pleased to be able to contribute to the community and to our beautiful island."

"The staff met at the DPL parking lot at about 7:40am, we signed in, distributed gloves, trash bags to everyone and then we walked over to the NMC intersection where we split up into two groups and worked our way up to San Vicente School. According to our Finance Acting Director, Dave Atalig, they picked up car crash debris in between NMC intersection and Jin Apparel garment factory; they picked up 2 large pieces of car bumpers. Rachel found a shoe, Frank and I found a broken cellular phone near the entrance of the Easter Lane and the rest are the usual trash you find on the road; soda cans, bottles, cigarette butts, etc."

Here are some pictures:

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