Saturday, October 07, 2006

Everything but the kitchen sink...

I take that back. We found the kitchen sink. It was lying on Makaka Beach.

We had another succesful event today. Beautify CNMI! jumped on board the monthly DEQ Cleanup Brigade and helped clean up Makaka Beach. Volunteers from DEQ, RC&D, Rep. Kaipat's Office, Rep. Waki's Office, Steve Hiney Consulting, NGG, LEEP, and DPS helped pick up trash between the Fiesta Hotel drainage and the Hafa Adai drainage.

Unfortunately, our cleanup was cut short by inclement weather and we only managed to work for 90 minutes. Even so, we still managed to fill up a pickup truck bed and a trailer with beach debris, a sink, a toilet, tires, and litter. It total we removed 1040 pounds of litter.

This event, which lasted only 90 minutes, is what we hope to replicate several times over for "1020 on 10/20." We're hoping that people will go out for just a short time to beautify their immediate area of the island. If we all pitch in a little, we'll actually accomplish a lot.

Tomorrow we'll be back in the same area for a community cleanup. We are meeting at the American Memorial Park parking lot at 8 AM and we'll be cleaning up the Garapan Tourist District.

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