Sunday, October 22, 2006

San Vicente Bus Stop

The plan for this morning had been to pick up trash along the side of the road leading down to Lao Lao Beach. Even after 1020 on 10/20 and the past cleanups we have had down there over the last several months, there is still bound to be literally tons of litter and illegal dumping to be found down there.

We decided not to pick up trash this morning, however, and chose to use some of the leftover paint that Sherwin Williams donated to Beautify CNMI! on 10/20.

We decided to paint over this:

This school bus stop sits on the corner of Lau Lau Bay Road and Isa Drive in San Vicente. MOVER is adopting Lau Lau Bay Road as part of MVA's Adopt-a-Road program, so even though almost all of the school bus stops on Saipan are covered in graffiti, it made sense for us to do this one first.

Here are a few pictures of us in action:

We painted the whole thing with a coat of white and then livened it up with some yellow. We didn't have much yellow paint, so in order to conserve what we had we decided to paint stripes.

After we finished and had a chance to look at our work, we decided that stripes looked pretty cool. Good thing we were low on paint, huh?

Helping us this morning were volunteers from Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council, super volunteer group MOVER, and of course, our super volunteers Juanita Fajardo, Public Auditor Mike Sablan, and their son, Young Environmental Warrior Adam Sablan. The paint supplies were donated by Sherwin Williams.

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