Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Volunteer for 1020 on 10/20!

I have posted information about "1020 on 10/20," Beautify CNMI's Island Wide Cleanup to take place on October 20th, on the Marianas RC&D website at

We already have our first volunteers from the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, Local NGO's, and the Private Sector, but we need more help if we are going to reach our goal of 1,020 volunteers.

It is time to start recruiting our partners to adopt roads, beaches, parks and neighborhoods on our island. Please forward this link to everybody on Saipan who should participate (that's everyone!)

Click HERE for the link.

We're hoping that after 1020 on 10/20, adopting agencies and organizations will permanently adopt a road or a beach, as part of DEQ's Adopt-a-Beach and MVA's Adopt-a-Road programs.

Click HERE for info on Adopt-a-Road

Click HERE for info on Adopt-a-Beach

MINA is already into their third month of adopting Wing Beach and MOVER has pledged to adopt North AND South Lao Lao Beach, as well as the road running from San Vicente to Kagman.

MINA cleans Wing Beach every third Saturday of the month. They meet at 8:00 AM and generally clean for two hours.

MOVER will begin officially cleaning Lao Lao this month (you might remember that they removed over 1800 lbs of trash in a single day a few weeks ago). They will clean the north side this month and then they will alternate between North and South Lao Lao Beach with each successive month. MOVER has also pledged to co-adopt the Garapan Tourist District along with Representative Absalon Waki. They will help clean up that area on the first Sunday of every month.

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