Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beautify CNMI! in the news

Saipan Tribune, Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NMA wins Recycles Day contest
By Marconi Calindas

The Northern Marianas Academy, a private school in the Commonwealth, topped this year's CNMI Recycles Day competition.

Division of Environmental Quality Waste Reduction and Recycling coordinator Tina Sablan said the school collected a total of 50,380 lbs of recyclable materials. There were 34 NMA students who participated in the contest, bringing in 1,481.8 lbs of trash per student.

NMA won $600 cash prize, plus 30 waterpark passes to Pacific Islands Club and 20 seedlings, courtesy of the CNMI Forestry.

Eucon International School ranked second, with a total of 22,459 lbs of recyclable materials. This means the109 students who participated brought in an average of 206 lbs of trash.

Public school Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School placed third after each of its 221 student brought in 166.7 lbs of trash for a total of 36,837 lbs.

San Antonio Elementary School ended up with 115.6 lbs per 239 participating students for an overall total of 38,020 lbs.

Grace Christian Academy ranked fifth with 75 lbs per student (total of 360 students). The private school accumulated a total of 27,220 lbs of trash.

Saipan International School, William S. Reyes Elementary School and Koblerville Elementary School followed the ranking with 63.9 lbs, 36.7 lbs, and 33.3 lbs per student respectively.

There were 24 private and public schools that participated in this year's Recycles Day competition.

Sablan said the competition based its scores on the recyclable wastes gathered by each student that participated in the competition.

The Beautify CNMI!, in collaboration with the DEQ and the Department of Public Works Solid Waste Management, held the culminating activity for the CNMI Recycles Day on Saturday at the Lower Base Transfer Station.

The event celebrated the “phenomenal effort of schools, families, and businesses in the CNMI whose combined efforts during the two-month contest resulted in the collection of over 200,000 lbs of recyclable cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, and metals.”

The 200,000 lbs of materials can now be processed and converted into useful products, said Sablan, instead of dumping them all into the CNMI landfill.

PIC's Elly Stoilova also put up a booth with two other organizations showcasing environmental awareness. Stoilova showcased arts and crafts made of recyclable materials found in the CNMI.

This year's CNMI Recycles Day partners and supporters included Ericco (provided free recycling collection for the schools); Ginen Saipan; Pepsi; Pacific Islands Club; Hotel Nikko Saipan; Hafadai Publishing; Saipan Shipping; MS Villagomez; and Java Joe’s as corporate sponsors.

Government supporters were the Office of the Governor; Office of the Lt. Governor; Marianas Visitors Authority (prizes, logistical support); DPW; DEQ; Department of Lands and Natural Resources, Forestry Division (for the seedlings of all participating schools); and Office of Rep. Cinta Kaipat; Office of Rep. Absalon Waki. Nonprofit partners: Saipan Chamber of Commerce; Marianas RC&D; MINA; and MOVER.

This year's contest committee members were Reina Camacho, Angelo Villagomez, Steve Hiney, Barrett Ristroph, Bree Reynolds, Frank Tudela, Ed Diaz, Stoilova, Ken Kramer; Cinta Kaipat; Absalon Waki, Gus Kaipat, Viola Kaipat, Nina Rivera, Marites Castillo, Merced Ada, and Sablan.

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