Saturday, November 18, 2006

CNMI Recycles Day

We celebrated CNMI Recycles Day with a proclamation signing this morning. We also awarded the top eight schools that participated in this year's recycling contest with prizes totaling several thousand dollars in value. Overall, the 24 participating schools collected 260,000 lbs of recyclable materials in under two months.

If the children really are our future, then things in the CNMI are looking up! Go us!


Cinta said...

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who helped make today's CNMI Recyles Day event a HUGE success!

Remember to Recycle today and everyday!

Way to go, Team!

Let's get going on planning the next event, shall we?


Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat

Cinta said...

P.S. Hey, do I know these kids?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Heyy thats us! wow. lol. congratulations to everyone! we now have a Recycles Day!

Make sure to keep the island clean && now we can really call the island a beautiful place!

Lets go CNMI!