Friday, November 17, 2006

Ruth Tighe - On My Mind

Ruth mentioned us at the end of this week's commentary:

On a brighter note, two worthy causes have joined hands - Crime Stoppers has offered to work with Beautify CNMI! in making its anonymous 24-hour call-in service available for reporting not only theft, burglary, shootings and the like, but environmental crimes as well - such as illegal dumping, illegal fishing, illegal waste oil disposal, etc. Anyone seeing any kind of crime being committed, or having knowledge of one, can now call a single number - 234-7272 - at any time of day or night, to anonymously report the crime.

Two hotels, one private business, one government agency, one individual family, and seven not-for-profit groups have signed up for Beautify CNMI!'s adopt-a-beach, adopt-a-road program. The group is still looking for volunteers - there's lots more road and beach-front to cover.....

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