Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Morning Activities!

We were busy this morning! We were going to call today "150 on 11/04," but it didn't have the same ring as "1020 on 10/20."

DEQ had two cleanups this morning. One was in San Antonio with students from Hopwood Junior High School. About 30 students were expected to participate.

The other cleanup was the DEQ Cleanup Brigade, which takes place on the first Saturday of every month. 44 Volunteers from DEQ, Marianas High School Class of 1997, Cha Cha Oceanview Junior High School, POWER, MVA, and Marianas RC&D helped pick up trash on the beach between McDonald's on Beach Road and the 13 Fishermen Memorial.

Later in the morning there was a cleanup of the Japanese Peace Memorial in Marpi. Organized by the Japanese Association of Saipan and supported by Beautify CNMI!, over 80 volunteers came out to scrub down the shrine and honor the lives lost during WWII.

I'll post more pictures soon!

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