Monday, November 20, 2006

The Underwater World of Saipan

Beautify CNMI! is always looking for ways to highlight our natural resources and assets. Our goal is restore our historical and natural tourist spots and then to promote them, so that the people that live here and the people that visit us will use them.

In addition to this website, we also try to reach out to people via the local newspapers, radio, and TV station. The idea behind this is that if local people are using the resources, they will want to take care of them. Then when people from other places see that we take care of our natural and historical tourist spots, they will want to come visit us.

Simple enough, right?

Well, Mike Tripp, in his capacity as a local businessman and Beautify CNMI! partner, has added to our outreach campaign by creating a video titled The Underwater World of Saipan.

The video has the first footage I've ever seen of Saipan's coral reefs. It really captures the vast biodiversity in our waters and the immensity of that untapped resource. It makes we wonder why we're not doing more to promote our 800+ fish species and who knows how many thousands of coral species.

I can't think of a better souvenir for the hordes of divers who visit Saipan. Not only is it a great souvenir, but it is also the ultimate promotional tool (I'm hearing Japanese girls screeching "Suugoiiiii" in my head).

As an added bonus, $5 of every video purchased in November will be donated to charity. MINA, a proud partner of Beautify CNMI!, is one of the recipients.

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