Monday, December 18, 2006

Hopwood Junior High School Tree Planting

This afternoon 27 students from Hopwood Junior High School, with a little help from Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council, planted 75 Da'ok trees (Calophyllum inophyllum) around their campus. When they are taller, the trees will provide shade for students who have classes outdoors or who choose to go outside during breaks.

Hopwood Students Planting TreesJust ask any number of students sitting under the short supply of tall trees on Hopwood's campus if they prefer sitting in the shade or in the sun. The temperature in the shade can be 10 degrees cooler than the temperature in the sun (Click here for a student science project comparing soil temperatures in sun and shade).

Hopwood Students Planting TreesWe planted trees around the perimeter of the playing field and in the area around the flagpole. The trees around the playing field will play the dual purpose of providing shade and blocking out some of the noise from Beach Road.

Hopwood Students Planting TreesThe students who participated in today's planting will probably be in college by the time these trees are tall enough to provide considerable shade, but I'm sure they'll remember the Monday afternoon that they spent digging and planting in the sun. Hopefully they'll come back to Hopwood with their younger brothers and sisters and point out the Da'ok trees they planted way back in 2006.

HopwoodThe Da'ok trees were donated by Caesar and Ignacia Villluz. The shovels and picks were donated by Marianas RC&D. The students are in Mrs. Bree Reynolds 7th period Science Lab.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's so great that you students have the vision to plant trees even though you'll have graduated by the time they can be enjoyed. That shows a lot of caring for future generations! It's a sign of greatness and true leadership!

Cinta said...

AWESOME work! Way to go, Hopwood Students! I wished I could have joined you all today. It looked like you were all having fun!

Remember that although you will have graduated before the trees grow big and tall enough to provide shade and block out some of the traffic noise from Beach Road, from THIS DAY FORWARD, you can ENJOY the good feeling of knowing that YOU'VE done a good deed for your school, your community, your environment, and your home. CONGRATULATIONS, indeed!

I also commend your excellent teacher, Ms. Bree Reynolds, for involving you all in Beautify CNMI! activities. Thank you, Bree, for challenging and shaping the minds of the CNMI!'s future leaders.

Finally, thanks to Angelo and RC&D for leading today's tree-planting effort and for ensuring that the donors of the daok trees are properly recognized. I add my thanks to them also.

Keep up the Great work, partners!

Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I see me! lol.

Well it was really fun helping out planting those trees && it was really HOTT too! but it is nice that we finally get to grow more trees for the school, for more shade wen "spotting!"

Thanks for the donations of the trees!