Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Morning Cleanups!

There were 3 cleanups this morning!

December DEQ Cleanup Brigade

Was this the biggest cleanup brigade ever? I couldn't believe how many people showed up. I counted 87 volunteers...but there might have been more. Woot!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Representative Waki led a team of volunteers from his office, the Gualo Rai Youth Center, and Power 99 on a cleanup of Garapan. They removed 440 lbs of litter from the streets between Garapan Elementary School and the Bank of Guam Building.

Thank you, Rep. Waki for leading that cleanup!


The Board of Parole and Rep. Kaipat continued their assault on the blight in Koblerville. The volunteers painted bus stops and removed 860 lbs of trash from the area around the Koblerville substation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the hundreds of volunteers out picking up trash this morning! Tomorrow morning we will be meeting at the American Memorial Park parking lot at 8 AM for a cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District. At 10 AM we will be meeting up at the Navy Hill Lighthouse to remove litter from the area around that historic landmark.

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Cinta said...

KUDOS to Chief Parole Officer Lee Guerrero and Parole Officer Mel Sakisat for the great job in leading our Parole volunteer partners in painting the bus stops in Koblerville and in bushcutting the bus stops as well as mainting the Koblerville substation area. You all dine a fine job, gentlemen!

Thanks also to Rep. Waki and staff for lending us a hand and donating drinks as well as the much-needed use of their trailer, which hauled away all that trash and debris at the substation. A big Olomwaay and Thanks!