Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Tourist Spots on a Sunday Morning

Beautify CNMIWe had a community cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District this morning. It was our third consecutive month picking up trash on the side streets of Garapan. 32 people showed up at 8 AM to help clean up one of Saipan's most popular tourist areas.

Beautify CNMIAt 10 AM we drove up to Navy Hill for our first cleanup of the Navy Hill Lighthouse. We were given permission by Department of Public Lands to enter the premises, but not to paint, so we ended up picking up garbage and cutting back some of the weeds. Actual restoration of this tourist site will take some plannning. 54 people participated in this cleanup.

Most of our work today was done by forcing children into hard labor:

Navy Hill LighthouseNavy Hill LighthouseJust kidding.

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