Monday, December 31, 2007

Beautify CNMI in the Philippines

I received this email from Beautify CNMI volunteer Captain Carl today:

Another "Beautify CNMI" across borders, a Liang Liang tree
planted on the Farm At San Benito, Batangas, PI. The tree is used in
natural healing. I am wondering if it goes here on Saipan. Will
check later this week. Have a good evening.

Thanks, Carl!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Quoted by Bruce Bateman

From the Saipan Tribune:

While eating something-on-a-stick at the Thursday Street Market, I ran into Angelo Villagomez. As we sat and discussed how to save the world, the conversation came around to oldtown Garapan revitalization. Angelo espoused a couple of ideas that made a lot of sense to me and I will pass them on to you for your edification. (Notice how I deftly laid it off on Angelo in case you think the idea is wacky).

He believes that to make the place better, jobs, like government agencies, and other office type private job generating businesses need to move into the Garapan downtown area. Tourists would like to participate in a “real” local experience, not just a tourist sham experience put up for their benefit. Tourists want to meld into an already existing unique cultural enclave a la San Francisco.cable cars, rice-a-roni, wharf, Nob Hill, China Town etc. Tourists come to see the local ambiance in a location, not to create it.

Also needed are people to move their residences into this area, real working folks, living there full time. Angelo has already moved in there for whatever nefarious reasons (kidding) and would like to see others do the same. Real residents walking the streets (no, not street walkers), using the business facilities and adding foot traffic to a sometimes barren area will make it a pleasant and comfortable feeling place to go.

He has a good point on both counts, if you ask me. So MVA, find yourselves a new or now empty building somewhere in Garapan and move on in.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adopt a Flame Tree Update

In 2007 Beautify CNMI planted about 200 Flame Trees (I think) as part of our Adopt-a-Flame Tree Program. 6 of those trees were planted in American Memorial Park last June during our Micronesia Challenge Summer Camp and they were adopted by Barney Ono, a Japanese citizen living in Japan who has kept track of Beautify CNMI via the Internet.

I had the chance to visit those six Flame Trees earlier this morning and I am happy to report that they are all doing very well. This picture was taken next to the largest of the six.

American Memorial Park Flame TreeBarney, the next time you visit Saipan, make sure you look for your six healthy Flame Trees growing in our local National Park.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hey Beautify CNMI! and Members of the Community:

You know the routine - when an animal goes missing - we as a community do our best to look out for one another and find that animal!

PAWS received an email today about Bruno, a chocolate lab that went missing yesterday. There is a chance that he decided to take a walk on his own and that he will return, but just in case - please keep your eyes open for Bruno! His family is horribly sick over his disappearance. For more information, please visit the PAWS blog at

If you have any information on Bruno, please contact Willie at 483-9459 or Louisa at 483-8946. Alternatively, you may contact me at 286-0970.

Thank you for being the eyes, ears, and heart of Saipan.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Marines, Garapan Elementary Students and Others Beautify Garapan Tourist District

We were scheduled to have a session last Friday, so I couldn't join the Beautify CNMI event that the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and Angelo Villagomez set up. They managed to pair 100 visiting marines with students from Garapan Elementary School. Thanks to Principal Boni Gomez for her usual 100% support of Beautify CNMI events!
I checked in on the crew on my way up to the Hill and arrived just in time to see Principal Boni lead her charge to the American Memorial Park parking lot.Here we are prepping the kids before the marines arrived. She said a few words.... . .and then I said a few words......and then I thanked them and wished them a great day and went on to the session. Again, thanks to the Marines, Principal Gomez and the students and faculty of GES who participated in the cleanup, and all the participants for the awesome job they did cleaning up the Garapan Tourist District. Thanks, Angelo, for anchoring the event!

Rep. Cinta Kaipat

Friday, November 30, 2007

Goings on

Hafa Adai,

PTI has generously donated a cellphone to MINA to help us with the coordination of Beautify CNMI. They are also donating DSL to help us with our day to day operations.

The new Beautify CNMI volunteer line is 285-MINA (6462). Please save that number!

Thank you PTI!

We've got a few non-volunteer events going on this weekend. I hope you can make it!

Friday (today)

The USS Germantown is in town with 700 sailors and marines. On Friday morning, 100 marines are going to be paired up with 100 elementary students from Garapan Elementary for a cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District set to begin at 9:30 AM. We are going to meet at the AMP Parking lot. Everyone is invited to participate, but it would be great if we could get people from MVA, Fiesta, Hyatt, and PDM Promoters to attend. This is already going to be a huge event. Let's make it even bigger.

I'll have garbage bags and gloves for everyone. I'm going to provide water, unless someone wants to donate some (hint, hint). The soldiers are going to bring lunch.

People who attend the Friday cleanup will be invited for a special tour of the USS Germantown on Saturday morning. After the tour we'll have lunch in the ship's messhall. They're not giving open tours to the public, so this may be your only chance to see the ship!


Everyone who attended the cleanup of Garapan on Friday will be invited to a tour of the USS Germantown. I'll give out the details at the cleanup on Friday, but the tour will be on Saturday morning.

DEQ also has their monthly cleanup brigade event. This month they will be cleaning Tank Beach. Meet them at Tank Beach in Kagman at 8 AM. Contact Reina Camacho at DEQ for more info, 664-8500.


We've got a handful of Flame Trees left to plant. Thank you to everyone who has adopted one so far. I haven't compiled the numbers (because some were planted while I was gone) and I haven't printed up the certificates, but I know we've planted over 150 Flame Trees this year.

We are going to replace some of the Flame Trees on Beach Road. We're meeting across the street from Naked Fish at 8 AM. If you don't see us, just look for the people with trees and shovels.

Also, kudos to Parks & Recration for putting bush cutter guards around the young trees planted over the last year and a half! Thank you!

If you have any questions, please contact me at 285-MINA (6462)

Have a great weekend,


Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Trees and other fun events

The We Love Saipan Network will host their 11th Blogger Meetup this Wednesday at Java Joes at 7 PM.

Bloggers, Blog Readers, Blogger Wannabes, and people who just like chicken nuggets and coffee are welcome to attend!

The We Love Saipan Network hosts a Blogger meetup on the last Wednesday of every month.


Paseo de Marianas Promoters will be holding their second annual Green Christmas for the Children of the Marianas celebration this week. The main event is the christmas tree decorating contest where 14 different elementary schools decorate a tree with ornaments made from recycled materials.

The decorating starts Wednesday after school and the students will have a chance to continue decorating up until about 5 PM Thursday. The trees will then be judged Thursday at 6 PM. Come down on Wednesday to watch the trees get decorated and come down on Thursday for the tree lighting.

I really enjoyed this event last year. It reminded me of what the Paseo should look like every day, not just on a few nights during the holiday season.

HERE are some pictures from last year.


Feeling community service oriented? Friends of the Mariana Islands will lead a cleanup of the Garapan Tourist District on Sunday morning at 8 AM. Meet up at the American Memorial Park parking lot and bring two friends and water.

The Beautify CNMI coalition will provide trash bags and rubber gloves.

PAWS is looking for volunteers this weekend!

Dear Members of Beautify CNMI!:

Our partner PAWS is participating in this year's CNMI Artists' Holiday Sale at the Multi-Purpose Center and they need your help! There will be almost 40 artists and writers as well as food items for sale during this event (be sure to pick up this month's Island Locator for more information). Items for sale include: paintings, carved Palauan storyboards, holiday ornaments, cards and decorations; jewelry; books; photographs; t-shirts, and other artwork and craft items.

In an effort to raise some funds for the PAWS Education Committee, PAWS will be selling the following items at the Holiday Sale:

  1. Pre-made Christmas dough cookies for children to decorate while parents shop at the Holiday Sale. For a small price/donation, children will be able to decorate dough ornaments with glitter, paint, and other accessories; and
  2. Beaded jewelry made by Lucy Sablan.

PAWS is looking for volunteers to help oversee their holiday table for periods of up to 2 hours. If you and a friend would like to volunteer, please email Katie Busenkell at or Deane Jessee-Jones at with your available time.

The event should be easy and fun, so please join us in the holiday spirit and help us raise money for a worthy cause.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check Presentation by Aqua Resort Club

Aqua Resort Club will be making a very generous donation to Beautify CNMI during a happy hour presentation in their lobby this Friday, November 16, 2007 from 5-7 PM. The presentation will be made at 6:30. ARC will be providing some food and all drinks will be 50% off the regular price.

Everyone who has been involved with Beautify CNMI is invited to attend. Please come help us celebrate this generous donation.

Some of us are going to have dinner at the Seafood Night buffet afterwards. Dinner is $25 and includes some of the best seafood on Saipan and free beer and champagne.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Underwater Scavenger Hunt

What: Underwater / Beach Clean Up & Scavenger Hunt
When: Sunday November 18th
Where: Sugar Dock
Time: 9AM
Who is this for:
Beach / Topside Clean Up - Everyone.
Underwater Clean Up - Certified SCUBA Divers only!

A PADI Project Aware Event
Tanks and certificates of participation provided by Dive Saipan
Includes a scavenger hunt with prizes!
International recognition

Hello Divers!

As you know Marianas Dive has begun a series of underwater clean ups at popular dive sites around the island. On the third Sunday of every month we meet in the morning to clean a topside area followed by a cool refreshing clean up underwater! So far we've managed to pull out a considerable amount of trash from the beach and dive sites at Lau Lau Bay and Obyan while having a good time doing it!

This coming Sunday November 18th we will be meeting again at 9AM, this time at Sugar Dock. Although not well known as a "dive site” many people, including tourists, take their first real breaths underwater right here- right next to one of the most popular piers on island! While other agencies such as DEQ, CRM, BCNMI and NMDOA have made great strides in keeping this area clean there is always more that can be done, especially underwater.

That's why we are calling on all divers, dive shops and organizations to help support this effort. In addition to being good for the environment and our tourism industry we will also be seeking international recognition by making this a PADI Project Aware event open to anyone that wants to pitch in. Thanks to Mr. Lee at Dive Saipan each participant will receive a Project Aware certificate and a group photograph will be sent to PADI for publication in The Undersea Journal giving individuals and businesses involved worldwide recognition for their help in keeping our environment pristine!

In addition to the Project Aware materials Dive Saipan will provide tanks for anyone that needs one while DEQ will provide trash bags and a limited number of mesh bags for use underwater. At this time we are also looking for surface dive floats and additional mesh bags as we are anticipating a good turn out of volunteers. If you, your dive shop or organization can help out in this regard it would be very much appreciated and recognized in the official press releases.

Another exciting twist to this event will be the placement of prize vouchers underwater turning the clean up into a real live scavenger hunt rewarding those with sharp eyes and attention to detail.

As always the underwater portion is restricted to certified divers but the topside trash collection is open to anyone that wants to help out. As Sugar Dock can be a busy place with boat traffic we are also in the process of coordinating surface support with DPS and boating safety. In addition we plan on having a few kayaks patrolling the surface ensuring divers and boaters don’t meet unless it's for transport to one of our fabulous offshore dive sites following the clean up!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and if you are able to help out including donations of prizes for the scavenger hunt please let me know. Also, I encourage you to circulate or forward this to anyone who may be interested in helping make this event a success! Together we can make the Marianas a better place to live and dive!

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday for a dive and a morning of fun with fellow divers!


Mike Tripp

Marianas Dive

Friday, November 09, 2007

Plenty to do this weekend

Tonight, November 9, 2007, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM , American Memorial Park will be hosting a Community Interaction in the Auditorium. Guest speakers will introduce the venomous Brown Tree Snake, the nasty and invasive Spanish Pepper Vine and Ranger Nancy will be showing folks how easy it is to recycle. Click HERE for more info.

Tomorrow, November 10, 2007, from 8:00 AM til lunch time, CRM, DLNR, MINA, NRCS, and other volunteers will carryout the first phase of the Obyan Beach Revegetation project. Equipment, supplies, and saplings... were made possible through funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA awarded to MINA and CRM. DLNR forestry tirelessly did the prep work by growing the saplings, and Beautify CNMI! will be donating refreshments; truly a coalition effort. MINA will also be raffling a pass for two people to attend their WaterPark and Lunch fundraiser at PIC on November 12. See you tomorrow! Click HERE for more info.

Also tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM, join Park Rangers and Volunteers at American Memorial Park in planting beautiful new Flame Trees and Golden Showers as part of the Arbor Day celebration. After planting the trees, AMP will lead the volunteers to the protected wetland to dig up those awful Spanish Pepper Vines. Then everyone will have lunch!!! Our cooperating association, the Arizona Memorial Museum Association is providing a light lunch for us after all that hard work. Click HERE for more info.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, DEQ has their monthly Cleanup Brigade, meeting at Sugar Dock at 8 AM tomorrow. This month, outstanding brigade volunteers who participated in at least ten (10) monthly cleanups will receive a brigade cap and those who participated in at least three (3) cleanups will receive a green brigade t-shirt. For more information call 664-8500.

Obyan Revegetation Announcement

What: Obyan Revegetation Project
Where: the old (blocked off) lower parking area upland from the Japanese bunker at Obyan Beach
When: THIS Saturday, November 10th, 8:00 am
Contact: Kathy Yuknavage, 664-8311, or

CRM in partnership with the DLNR, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA), and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), will be holding a Beautify CNMI! planting event at Obyan beach this Saturday, November 10th. The planting activity will reduce upland erosion at Obyan.

As many beach goers have observed, the coral road leading to Obyan regularly washes out during heavy rains. Stormwater gouges the soil, exposing important archeological artifacts to the elements, and then carries the soil to the shoreline. The soil or “sediment” enters the water reducing visibility for divers, and harms coral by preventing sunlight from nourishing the living organisms within its skeleton. The sediment eventually settles out on the corals’ surface, further stressing the coral reef’s health.

DLNR forestry experts will be teaching volunteers how to use various non-point source (NPS) pollution prevention “Best Management Practices” (BMP) to disperse stormwater run off. The BMPs are part of a comprehensive Conservation Planting Plan for Obyan created by the NRCS. Saturday’s planting event is just the first of many phases contained within the plan. People interested in learning how to implement BMPs, about other phases of the plan, or just wanting to help are invited to join volunteers from MINA, the Boy Scouts of America, and other Beautify CNMI! volunteers this Saturday, 8:00 am, in Obyan’s paved parking area.

Volunteers should bring sturdy work gloves, a hat, and sunscreen. Light refreshments will be provided and a raffle drawing will be held at the end of the event. Two lucky winners will be given (2) water park passes and a buffet lunch at PIC on November 12th, as part of MINA’s fundraising activities. Funds raised through ticket sales will be used to support MINA’s second Teachers’ Environmental Education Camp next summer. If interested, please contact Kathy Yuknavage at for more information.

American Memorial Park Announces Arbor Day

Join in on the fun of planting beautiful new trees and digging up the roots of the nasty and invasive Spanish Pepper Vine!

Friday, November 9, 2007, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM American Memorial Park will be hosting a Community Interaction in the Auditorium.

Guest speakers will introduce the venomous BROWN TREE SNAKE, the nasty and invasive SPANISH PEPPER VINE and Ranger Nancy will be showing folks how easy it is to recycle. Our guests will be interacting with our community neighbors on all levels. Light refreshments will follow.

The Brown Tree Snake is a very big problem on Saipan. We will learn to recognize this super pest and just what makes it our pest. We’ll learn what we can and can not do if we find one.

Rangers from War in the Pacific are flying to Saipan to introduce us to the danger we are in due to the Spanish Pepper Vine. This invasive species was brought to Saipan during World War II as a simple ground cover along the runways at Isley Field. Today, this nasty and pervasive vine is killing every plant on our beautiful island.

Ranger Nancy will get together with folks and figure out all the great stuff that can be recycled. We’ll discover different ways to use or recycle most of what we have in our trash cans. We will even go visit our great Recycling Center in Lower Base, by way of a slide show!!

Saturday morning at 7:00 AM, join Park Rangers and Volunteers in planting beautiful new Flame Trees and Golden Showers. We’ll go to the protected wetland and dig up those awful Spanish Pepper Vines. Then we’ll have lunch!!! Our cooperating association, the Arizona Memorial Museum Association is providing a light lunch for us after all that hard work.

So come on along and have more fun that a barrel of monkeys!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Molly Kramis Celebrates CNMI Arbor Day on October 27 and Spreads Beautify CNMI Beauty Virus in Montana

Molly Kramis of Bellingham, Washington, continues to spread beautifycnmi's beauty virus! Here she is shown with the Ponderosa Pine she recently planted in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. Molly picked the Ponderosa because of its beauty and----it is the Montana State tree. This particular tree is special because it was given to Molly by Anna, a wonderful 20 month old here who is deaf. With this tree, Molly honors Anna and all the deaf and hard of hearing children in the CNMI.

Note: Molly also lives with Masters Ron and Nancy Kramis. We thank Molly, Ron, Nancy & Anna for spreading the Beautify CNMI beauty virus and for honoring the deaf children of the CNMI.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thank You CNMI & Guam for a Super Successful 2007 CNMI Arbor Day Celebration!

Vincent Fajardo, 6, plants a coconut tree with [his] sister Brianna, 10, on the side of the road near the entrance to the CNMI Veterans Cemetery in Marpi during the celebration of CNMI Arbor Day Saturday morning. The event is spearheaded by Beautify CNMI!'s Arbor Day Committee. (Jacqueline Hernandez). We made front page of the Tribune. Click here. Click on the photos below to enlarge them.
The group was too large for our photog, so a second picture was necessary to capture us all.
Even so, these are most of us but NOT all of us who were there. There were a bunch more of us who arrived about an hour later, so they missed the group picture.One of two flame trees that the family of the late Jesse Castro planted. His mother, Doreen DeJesus, and sister Lisa Castro-Pocaigue, flew up from Guam to join family in Saipan for the planting.

Here's the story that appeared in the Tribune.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

NMI honors fallen heroes with Marpi tree planting

By Marconi Calindas

Families of the CNMI's fallen heroes came together yesterday morning and remembered their departed loved ones with the planting of hundreds of trees at the CNMI Veterans Cemetery in Marpi as part of celebrations for CNMI's Arbor Day.

The families of the late SSgt. Wilgene Lieto, Cpl. Derence Jack, Lance Cpl. Adam Quitugua Emul, and Cpl. Joe Junior Gogue Charfauros joined at least a hundred community members for the tree planting ceremony.

Military Veterans Affairs Office executive director Ruth Coleman said the Charfauros family in Rota even flew in for the event. Families of the late Jesse Castro also flew in from Guam, while the family of the late war veteran Gregorio Cabrera were also present.

Coleman said many CNMI soldiers on active duty also planted some trees. The family of the late Sgt. Yihjyh “Eddie” Chen called Coleman from Guam to acknowledge the event.

Beautify CNMI founder and Arbor Day Committee officer Rep. Cinta Kaipat expressed her gratitude to the participants, saying it was another successful tree planting event. “I am delighted and grateful for the response from the community once again. I am touched and honored to have all the three islands participating in the event,” she said.

CNMI forester and Arbor Day Committee officer Vic Guerrero said Arbor Day has been an annual tradition in the CNMI. Arbor Day is also being observed across the US.

“The increased observance and emphasis given by the CNMI demonstrates our deep appreciation for the beauty of trees and their many benefits,” reads part of the proclamation letter declaring Arbor Day.

Guerrero said at least 45 flame tree seedlings were planted yesterday. The flame tree is the state tree of the CNMI.

Two Golden Showers trees were also planted at the entrance to the veterans memorial park. Guerrero said these two trees would later produce chandelier-like yellow flowers that are appropriate to honor the CNMI war heroes.


Public School System's Troops-to-Teachers participants led by coordinator Geri Willis also participated. Thirty former servicemen and women-turned-teacher aides said the event is very significant for them. Troops-to-Teachers pioneer member Winfred Camacho said they participated to honor the CNMI's fallen heroes.

Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3457 led by Commander Mariano Fajardo, the U.S. Coast Guard, Division of Agriculture, ISA CNMI, Friends of the Mariana Islands, Youth Center of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, CNMI Boy Scouts, Team Chura Talo, RC & D, Northern Marianas College, Office of the Governor, among many others, were also present.

Families and community members who also shared their time yesterday were Dr. James Hofschneider and family, Mike and Juanita Sablan family, Ed and Lupe Flores family, Jerry Facey, Rep. Cinta Kaipat's Office and family, Tom Gibson, Ray Mafnas and many more.

I will post more 2007 CNMI Arbor Day Celebration pictures later.

Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hafa Adai CNMI Beautifyers!

Here are several activities for this weekend to choose from.


Beautify CNMI!'s Arbor Day Committee invites the public to join in the fun by helping plant some coconut trees and flame trees in celebration of CNMI Arbor Day! The Committee is also happy to announce that Beautify CNMI!'s wildly successful Adopt-A-Flame Tree for $20 Program will also be offered. You may plant a flame tree, but why not add that personal touch by adopting a flame tree in honor of your loved one, school, organization, or for yourself? You're worth it!

Rain or shine, meet us at the entrance to the CNMI Veterans Cemetary at 8 a.m. this Saturday, October 27. (Take the road to Banzai Cliff; the Cemetary should be on your right.) We will have a brief ceremony before the planting.

The planting will be led by DLNR-Forestry's Vic Guerrero and staff; Brad Doerr of MINA; and Ken Kramer of RC&D.

Joining this planting effort will be:

Rep. Cinta Kaipat's Office
Veterans Affairs Office
Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI)
Youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Families of our Fallen Heroes from the CNMI & Guam
Kaipat Family
Team Chura Talo
Coach Donny Fejeran and Team Zalaka and Family

For those who can't make it out to Marpi for the planting, but who would like to plant somewhere, either at your house or at school, you may pick up a plant or two (limit two plants per household) from DLNR-Forestry in Kagman. Plants are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, don't miss out on the fun. See you all at 8 a.m. this Saturday! For more information, call 664-8974 or 898-4490.

# # #


MINA will be hosting a "Moonlight Cruise" on the Jade Lady III, October 27, 7:30-9:30 pm.

This includes appetizers, soft drinks, beer and wine for the low-cost of $20 per person. All proceeds will benefit MINA's Environmental Education Camp for teachers.

What a great way to kick off your Halloween.

Tickets are available from board members or meet us at the Outer Cove Marina at 7:00 pm to purchase yours.


Visit us on the web at

***** You have received this message because you are subscribed to the MINA member's mailing list. To unsubscribe, reply to this message with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line *****

# # #


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Come join members of Marianas Dive as we descend upon the sandy shores of Obyan beach in an effort to keep one of our most beautiful dive spots pristine! We'll begin by working up a slight sweat tackling the topside litterbugs then, with a refreshing plunge, we'll rid the waters of all! unwanted debris. Everyone is welcome to pitch in on the surface but underwater the effort is reserved for certified scuba divers only! Come on out and enjoy the sun, sand and morning surf with a bunch of divers!

First annual Marianas Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest

When: Sunday October 28th 2007
Where: Obyan Beach
Time: 10:00 AM Check in.
Time: 11:00 AM Underwater Carving
Time: 12:30 PM Judging & Prizes
Who is this for: Anyone interested in taking this time-honored tradition to a new level.

A what? That's right bring your pumpkin and carving utensil and prepare to get wet as we kick off the Halloween season like never before! Meet at the beach for a day of fun and laughs and of course some diving too! Is carving a pumpkin underwater really any different than on land? Come on down and find out for yourself!

Marianas Dive is a growing group of individuals with a passion for everything underwater and speci! fically what the Marianas (Saipan Tinian & Rota) have to offer as a dive destination. We encourage all members of the community to join and help us reach our goal to build a truly world class dive destination while promoting what we have, locally and on a global level.

Marianas Dive members meet twice a month on the first and third Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Locations TBA. For more information visit our web site and forum at

For More information please contact

Mike Tripp, President
Marianas DIVE

670-288-DIVE (3483)

# # #


You'll have several trick-or-treat venues to choose from:

1) American Memorial Park presents "Trunk or Treat." Bring your kids to the AMP parking lot and have them trick or treat by going from car trunk to car trunk for treats. For more info, contact Ranger Nancy at

2) First Lady's Vision Foundation and Power 99 at the Chamolinian Village -- Bring your kids to Chamolinian Village in Garapan where the First Lady and Power 99 will be passing out candies! For more info, contact Remy Buniag at the Governor's Office.

3) Trick-or-Treating at Tottotville -- It's a popular tradition. For those living closer to the southern part of our island of Saipan, our generous home owners in Tottotville will, once again, open their generous hearts to the gouls and goblins that grace their doorsteps.

4) From Tottotville, just come on over to the SAVE Club Environmental Haunted House and Recycled Costume Contest at the Koblerville Youth Center. Super Science teacher Bree Reynolds leads her young environmental warriors and warriorettes in frightening and delighting visitors to the Koblerville Youth Center with their combination Haunted House and Recycled Costume Contest. Hopwood's SAVE is a youth environmental club (chapter of Beautify CNMI!). For more info, contact " BREE REYNOLDS" or "Ken Concepcion" <>

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boy Scouts Troop 910 from Tanapag Beautified Banaderu Trail

Below is a slide show and a personal narrative from Ken Kramer (RC&D), Chair of Beautify CNMI's Parks & Trails Committee--with additional contribution from Tom Gipson (Safety 1st)-- regarding the awesome job the Boy Scouts Troop 910 from Tanapag did to clear the Banaderu Trail. Tom, Ken and Oscar Camacho led the Scouts.

Hi Cinta,

I met up with the Boy Scouts, led by Tom Gipson and Oscar Camacho on Friday night. I brought my two dogs: Playdough (known as Sunshine by Oscar) and Lucky (the black dog). We watched the stars and then went to sleep at around 9 PM in anticipation of a hard day of work the next day. Other than the stick poking me through the bottom of the tent, I slept fairly well.

The next day, we set out to work on the trail after a breakfast of cereal and milk. Tom rallied the boys, gave them a safety talk, and we made plans for the day. Around 7:45 AM, we headed towards the trail, loaded with picks, machetes (carried by the adults), shovels, a saw, and the two dogs.

After an hour or so, just as we were getting warmed up, clearing brush alongside the trail, moving dead logs out of the way, it started pouring buckets of rain onto us. It was a bit unsettling. We were a bit discouraged and several of us had thoughts of taking a break and going back to dryness at the camp. Lucky was so miserable from the rain that she drew everyone’s attention by moaning, belly up, in a forlorn look that we all felt, but did not express. After Tom said: “We are going to stick it out and slog through this rain,” we renewed our efforts, working to stay warm. Eventually, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day, again.

We all broke for lunch and had a good rest. Tom thought we had made better progress than he thought we were going to do. I was happy to have dry socks and a dry shirt to change into. Oscar Camacho joined us on Saturday afternoon

This was not easy and was often dangerous work. Tom, our fearless leader, seemed to get most of the injuries. First, he got a splinter from one of the iron rebars holding the concrete slab steps. Then, he tried to catch a rock rolling down the hill and received a souvenir scratch on his shins where it hit him. I narrowly escaped falling by doing a back flip down the steepest part of the trail, when the log I was pulling gave way. Instead, I threw the log as hard as I could down the hill, which kept me from falling. It pays to study physics. Boonie bees also attacked some of us: I got stung twice.

On the return to camp, I was so physically exhausted I could barely put one foot in front of the other. We were all exhausted. According to Tom, Oscar went to sleep around 6 PM. I went on a critical supplies run and returned with water, ice cream, and chocolates.

Tom and the Boy Scouts, who were working on their *BSA Historic Trails Award, stayed another night and were scheduled to continue working on Sunday morning to finish the trail. (The BSA Historic Trails Award is given to scouts who camp two nights on a BSA recognized trail of historical significance, perform community service work on the trail, and learn about it's role in history.) I had other commitments on Sunday.

The Banaderu Trail is now far superior to what it was before. It is a fabulous trail with great scenery along the way. Thanks to the Boy Scouts, it is now ready for travel.

The members of the Boy Scouts Troop 910 were: Sam Park, Jay Britt, Jotham & Joshua Camacho, and Garrett Gipson. Well done, Boys! Thank you!


YIKES! Looks like Ken and the Boy Scouts had quite an adventure! Happy there were no serious injuries. THANKS, fellas! We're all mighty proud of the excellent exhaustive work you've done. Reminds me of the Lau Lau Revegitation Project. FUN! :)

Rep. Cinta Kaipat

Friday, October 12, 2007

Reminder: Beautify Monthly Meeting at 6 p.m. at Cafe at the Park Tonight (10/12)


Just a reminder that we will have our October monthly meeting of Beautify CNMI at 6 p.m. at the Cafe at the Park this evening. For those who already sent me your Agenda items, thank you. For those BC chairs who haven't, please do so ASAP.


Hope to see you all there!

Rep. Cinta

Sunday, October 07, 2007

SAVE Club, WAVE Club and Beautify CNMI Team Up to Beautify Susupe Park

Super science teacher/professor Bree Reynolds brought her Hopwood and NMC students out to Susupe Park Saturday to give Susupe Park some much-needed tender loving care. Student, faculty, and staff members who belong to the SAVE Club, WAVE Club teamed up with other Beautify CNMI! volunteers, such as Rep. Cinta Kaipat's family, and RC&D's Ken Kramer teamed up. Some of us picked up trash while the rest of us pained over ugly gaffiti. We're not finished yet with this huge project, so be on the lookout for future announcements to join us, won't you?

Thanks to everyone who participated.

By the way, I believe the paint we used was part of the paint we purchased to paint the lighouse. The funding for that came from MVA, so thank you, MVA!

Rep. Cinta Kaipat

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beautify CNMI in Bangkok

The Restoration Chair, Angelo Villagomez (that's me), gave his first Thai tour guide a Beautify CNMI! button. Peter (not his real name), told us that we were the first people he had met from the Marianas...but that a few weeks ago he had toured with a group from Palau.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beautify CNMI & Others Beautify MHS

I came across this newsletter that was recently published by Marianas High School (MHS) acknowledging all the hard work that Beautify CNMI! volunteers and others put in to paint the classrooms at MHS. Click here to view the pictures and read the articles. Way to Go, volunteers!

Susupe Park Facelift

COME OUT AND HELP HOPWOOD'S S.A.V.E. (Student Action for a Viable Environment) and Hopwood's My WAVE Club, as they paint over graffiti, pick up trash and spruce up Susupe Park.

OCTOBER 6, 2007
8:00-2:00 P.M.

Between Saipan Grand and Saipan Community Church.

Bring your paint brushes, trays, rollers, scrapers, and brooms! We also need newspaper or drop cloths.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Name: Sandy
Age: 9 mos old
Lost: American Park
When: Friday, Sept 28.
Reward: A Reward is being offered for Sandy’s safe return.

If you or someone you know has seen Sandy, please contact Jeri Hallman at, or (214) 725-9530, or leave message at 234-8950 with the operator or leave message at 233-1010.
"Sandy was found. Thanks to the picture in the paper. [A gentleman], who has a constructioncompany, found her at the marina last evening, felt she was a lost dog, and took her to his construction company site near the airport where he keeps a number of dogs. He saw her picturein the paper this morning, called me, and I picked her up at 8. She is back at the condos--drank3 bowls of fresh water, ate 2 bowls of dry dogfood, and helped polish off a cheeese omelette.[The gentleman] took the reward which [the owner has] paid him."

Monday, October 01, 2007

Start Your October with PAWS and Beautify CNMI AWC

In an effort to reach out to the general public, and educate adults and children about responsible pet ownership and compassion for animals, PAWS and the Beautify CNMI! Animal Welfare Committee are making a real effort to hold more events that involve YOU, the general public.

So, join us this October for our Open Meeting, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and/or Kids' Night Out. Or, if you have some time, volunteer to give a responsible pet ownership presentation to elementary school children. At the very least, ask one of our board members for an animal-care brochure and hand them out to someone you know.

The point is - we want YOU to make a difference, and we need YOU to volunteer and contribute. It all starts with YOU.

Date: October 5, 2007
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Fiesta Resort's Chambre Bar
What: Open Meeting

PAWS is hosting a meeting for those that would like to discuss and learn more about animal-related issues and projects.

PAWS members, lawmakers, and members of the general public that are in attendance will have an opportunity to learn about the PAWS education program, pick up informational brochures on animal care, ask questions about the Animal Protection Act of 2007 and the Mayor's Shelter, or share ideas, comments and concerns with lawmakers and PAWS Board Members in attendance. Those in attendance can enjoy free appetizers and a no-host bar, courtesy of Fiesta Resort.

Date: October 7, 2007
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Where: Mt. Carmel Catholic Church's Fountain
What: Blessing of the Animals – Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

PAWS and Mt. Carmel Church will be celebrating the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Around the world, the Catholic Churches recognizes the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on October 4th by offering a Blessing of the Animals. Traditionally, people bring their animals to the church for a blessing by a priest, pastor, or bishop.

This year, Saipan will celebrate its first Blessing of the Animals at the Mt. Carmel Catholic Church Fountain. All community members, Catholics and non-Catholics, are invited to bring their animals to the Mt. Carmel Fountain and receive a blessing at 8:00 a.m. on October 7th.

PAWS and Mt. Carmel Church would like to remind participants to have their animals on a leash. And perhaps more importantly, participants are asked to make arrangements for the direct transportation to and from the Blessing. No animals should be kept waiting in a car before, during, or after a Mass or service.

Date: October 12, 2007
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where: Fiesta Resort Game Room
What: PAWS – Kids' Night Out
Cost: $10.00 for the first child and $5.00 for each additional child in an immediate family.

Looking for a few hours to yourself? Want to enjoy a quiet dinner with someone special? Well, PAWS is here and able to help!

Starting in October, PAWS and Fiesta Resort have teamed up to host a fundraiser called Kids' Night Out (KNO). Children ages 3-12 are welcome to participate in our fun program while parents take a few hours off. During this four-hour period, the children will play video games for a half hour, be engaged in arts and crafts, story reading, and an educational movie. Fiesta Resort has generously offered to provide snacks and caffeine-free drinks.

Check-in will be between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. Parents must pick up their children no later than 10:00 p.m.

If you are interested in learning more about this great escape, please contact Melissa Simms at

Also, don't forget to turn in on Monday mornings to Power 99 at 9:00 for the PAWS Pet Stop with PAWS Board Member Rose Callier.For more information on these events, and more, please visit our website at or

I also must take this opportunity to thank Fiesta Resort and the Saipan Grand - both of which are Tan Holding Companies - for their incredible generosity. They came to us and offered us the use of their facilities to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and compassion for animals. We are incredibly grateful for this kind act and their support of community efforts. Thank you.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Labor Trash Force Picked Up 440 lbs of Trash!

The Labor Trash Force marked the last "Austerity Friday" by picking up trash on Chalan Tun Tomas P. Sablan Road. Labor's adopted section begins from the Mobil Gas Station in Chalan Piao to the last Pavilion at San Antonio Beach. (About half of the cleanup participants aren't pictured in this photo). GREAT JOB LABOR TRASH FORCE!

The following article appeared in the Tribune last Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Labor collects two truckloads of trash in cleanup

By Ferdie de la Torre
Department of Labor personnel and some family members collected two truckloads of garbage during a cleanup operation along Beach Road in Chalan Piao to San Antonio on Friday.

Twenty-eight Labor officials and staff members brought family members along and teamed up with the Beautify CNMI led by Rep. Cinta Kaipat in combing both sides of Chalan Tun Tomas P. Sablan for trash.

Labor Deputy Secretary Alfred A. Pangelinan told Saipan Tribune yesterday that majority of their employees volunteered their time to do the cleanup. Friday was the last austerity holiday for the government.

Pangelinan said they started near the Mobil Oil Station at 8am and reached the San Antonio Beach south of the Pacific Islands Club at 10am.

At the beach, they had a barbecue and had lunch together, the official said.

Pangelinan said that Labor personnel are overloaded with work, but most of the employees were determined to participate in the effort.

“It was a good day,” he added.

Pangelinan said Labor had adopted the place for regular cleanups and the turnout of participants this year was a lot better than last year.

“We want to send out [a message] to the community that we also want to put in our share [in beautifying the island]. We don't only take care of their applications but also help beautify,” he said.

Labor Secretary Gil M. San Nicolas failed to join because he had a meeting. His secretary, Maria Agulto, was there.

Most of the trash collected were soda and beer cans, towels, garments, shoes, and plastic materials.

Here's a link to the Tribune page.

Beautifying With The Department of Labor

Labor--The Reward At The End of the Finish Line