Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007: The Micronesia Challenge

This is the year!

It is time to start talking about the Micronesia Challenge. Here are some links:

Blogs of note:

Micronesians in Island Conservation

MIC is a peer learning network of conservation leaders from government and non-governmental organizations committed to protecting and sustainably managing resources in their islands. MIC’s approach is to strengthen the collaborative, organizational, technical, and policy skills of leaders and organizations so that, together with communities, they can advance the conservation and management of important natural areas in Micronesia.

Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council

The Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council is working to raise public awareness of coral reef issues in Saipan. This is their story.

Coral Bones

Will tropical coral reefs be the first ecosystem to be eliminated by global warming?

Beautiful Oceans: Coral Reef and Eco Diving Magazine

A tropical warm water space for scuba divers and snorkelers interested in coral reef biology and best diving practices.

NGO News:

The Nature Conservancy

The World Conservation Union

Conservation International

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