Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CNMI National Anthem

I attended the memorial service held for the late President Gerald R Ford yesterday afternoon at American Memorial Park. My good friend Gus Kaipat sang the US National Anthem and the CNMI National Anthem at the beginning of the service.

I recorded Gus singing the CNMI Anthem using the video option on my Canon S80. When I got home I downloaded a program that allows you to rip the sound off of video.

The sound is pretty clear. It was very windy, but I kept my hand over the microphone to keep it from howling. The thing that sounds like a dog barking is my Canon S2 snapping pictures while I take the video with the S80. If you listen carefully, you can hear birds in the background singing along with Gus.

I took Gus' singing and played it over some of the pictures that I have taken (and three that Herb Soll took in Pagan) over the last nine months in Saipan (and Tinian). I tried to incorporate elements of our culture, our natural beauty, and life in the CNMI.

This is the first draft. What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

You are a genius, young man. Your video of cousin Gus' National Anthem singing and the other panaramic scenes of our islands are beautiful! I appreciate your talent and your dedication to our Commonwealth. You should be the person of the Year. God Bless You.