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Eat, drink, and Beautify the CNMI!

Saipan Tribune, Monday, January 15, 2006

ARC donates 10% of food sales to Beautify CNMI!

By Marconi Calindas

The Aqua Resort Club is donating 10 percent of its dine-in sales to the environmental campaign group, Beautify CNMI!

ARC sales manager Yoshimi Kodama spoke in front of the members of Beautify CNMI! during its monthly general meeting last Thursday. Kodama said the premier hotel in the Achugao area is aiming help and assist the group through this promo.

Kodama said local residents that would be dining inside the hotel's Costa Terrace Restaurant would be able to indirectly donate to the cause of the environmental group. She said that each dining person from the CNMI for the hotel's buffet would provide 10 percent of the revenue for the group.

She said the promo is good for buffets on Wednesdays with the hotel's Mongolian BBQ from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Also on Fridays with their Seafood Night Buffet from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and Sundays with their Champagne Sunday Brunch from 11am to 2pm. The promo ends in April. Local discounts apply to the local dine-in guests, she added.

Kodama added that the hotel would be turning the donations over in April. She said the donations would be given to Beautify CNMI! through the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance group, also a partner of the Beautify CNMI!

The Beautify CNMI! group acknowledged the plans of the hotel during its general meeting last week. The members commended Kodama and the hotel in its pursuit of providing more environmental awareness in the CNMI, also for promoting the group.

“We at Aqua Resort Club, Saipan, are committed and will establish our status as one of the official sponsors of Beautify CNMI!,” said Kodama.

In October 2006, the hotel donated $200 to MINA, a partner of Beautify CNMI! that was one of the beneficiaries of the Ari Onishi Green Concert Dinner Show, also held in October.

Kodama earlier said that the Ari Onishi/Green Concert Dinner Show was an evening of enchanting piano music and a full course gourmet dinner that aimed at raising funds for environmental organizations and activities, including Beautify CNMI! Ari Onishi is a singer/songwriter from Japan and has performed with many celebrities in the past.

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