Friday, January 19, 2007

EPA Environmental Awards Nominations

The Saipan Tribune is reporting that EPA Environmental Award Nominations are now open. You can visit the Tribune article or the EPA website for more information.

Think of all the work we did in 2006! Is there someone who you would like to nominate? Just a few ideas of people that I think are worthy of nomination (in no particular order):

  • Cinta Kaipat: For creating the vision for Beautify CNMI! Literally thousands of people have been involved in our success, but she started it with an idea.
  • MOVER: For volunteering at least once per weekend every weekend since June.
  • Marites Castillo: For leading MOVER
  • Marianas RC&D: For coordinating 1020 on 10/20, the CNMI's largest ever island wide cleanup which attracted at least 3,380 volunteers on a single day.
  • CNMI Watershed Group: For coordinating the Laulau Bay Revegetation Project.
  • Adam Sablan & Family: see MOVER, same reason.
  • The Chairs: For leading Beautify CNMI! Even though the chairs work for different sectors of our society (i.e. government, business, and non-profits) they have come together to promote an environmental ethic in our islands.
  • CNMI Media: Bringing our message to the people. The media isn't just doing their jobs when they report on us. They choose to report on us and, more importantly, do so in a positive light. They have been our greastest recruitmers of other Beautifiers and they don't even know it.
  • Absalon Waki: For his work in the Garapan Tourist District
I think that Beautify CNMI! itself (as in the coaltion) is eligible for this award, but I ask that anybody making nominations nominate people. Beautify CNMI! is a coalition and a campaign, please try to put a human face on the great work we have ALL been doing.


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CNMI Blogger said...

He's being extremely modest, and not to take anything away from RC&D, his employer, but it was during a Beautify CNMI! planning meeting that ANGELO VILLAGOMEZ was inspired to come up with the name "1020 on 1020", the CNMI's largest and most successful one-day islandwide clean-up so far. I say so far because we will do it again in 2007! So, I suggest we all make sure that Angelo Villagomez is properly named and nominated for this recognition which he richly deserves.

And thank you, Angelo, for your nominations!