Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Give me a B! Give me a C!

Saipan Tribune, Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Environmental cheering and dance contest on
By Marconi Calindas

The Saipan Grand Hotel will be hosting an Environmental Cheering and Dance Showdown that will highlight not just the talent of contestants but will also promote environmental awareness and beautification projects in the CNMI.

Events manager and “eventologist” Oscar Yema presented his newest undertaking to Beautify CNMI! during the group's general meeting last Thursday at the Division of Environmental Quality Conference Room.

Yema told the Beautify CNMI! members and officers that the contest is open to all primary and secondary schools in the CNMI, as well as to tertiary, non-government organizations, private schools, and out of school youth in the Commonwealth.

He said the contest aims to give students and others the opportunity to showcase their talent in composing cheers and choreographing dance routines that would express the message, “Everyone has a part to play in keeping CNMI clean and beautiful.”

The competition also hopes to make the participants learn to appreciate and care for the environment through fun and creative activities, he added.

It will also promote Beautify CNMI! and the Micronesian Challenge, which seeks to conserve 30 percent of near shore resources and 20 percent of forest resources among Pacific Islands.

Since the competition will also involve community members voting for their favorite contestants through texting, co-sponsor Pacific Telecom Inc. has promised to donate 1 cent of every text vote that the contestants will receive. This comes in the wake of the recent success of the text voting during the Saipan Singing Superstar competition that garnered over 3 million text votes.

Schools and other organizations have already been invited, said Yema. The registration for the contest was opened last Saturday. Elimination rounds will be held this coming Saturday while the grand finals will be on Feb. 3.

Beautify CNMI! gave Yema the nod to proceed with his planned activities and thanked the hotel for making the group its beneficiary.

Entry forms can be downloaded online through web address: or at the Saipan Grand Hotel front desk. For further information, contact Yema at 234-6601 local 651 or through mobile phone at 483-6489.

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