Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to combat the dead dog problem

Dead Dog BBQSaipan Tribune, Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Responsible pet ownership is added to group's thrust
By Marconi Calindas

Beautify CNMI! is taking on another challenge in its continued pursuit to enhance and beautify the Commonwealth: Responsible ownership of pets.

Beautify CNMI! officer Rep. Cinta Kaipat said that solving the stray dog and cat problem on Saipan and promoting responsible pet ownership would be added to the thrust of the environmental campaign.

Toward this end, Kaipat said she would be working closely with group officers and essential government agencies to promote responsible pet ownership within the community.

In related news, the Saipan Mayor's Office has yet to release a bid bulletin for contractors to renovate and build an animal shelter for stray cats and dogs.

According to Tony Benavente, the Saipan Mayor's Office would release the invitation to bid for construction companies within this month.

In December 2006, the Department of Finance remitted to the Saipan Mayor’s Office the $75,000 intended to renovate and build an animal shelter for the stray cats and dogs on Saipan.

The Mayor's Office is still preparing the release of a bid bulletin that would be published in major newspapers on Saipan. The announcement would run for 15 to 30 days, after which the Mayor’s Office would select the best bidder. The proposed animal shelter will be located in As Perdido.

The island of Tinian implemented dog control regulations to curb the rampant stray and feral dog population on the island in November 2006. The new and extensive regulations took effect on Monday, after being published in the Commonwealth register in October 2006 and posting of the required public notices. A colorful tri-fold brochure is available at many island locations describing the basic features of the program.

The program will be implemented in stages, according to the Tinian Mayor's Office, with the first stage involving the licensing of privately owned dogs. All residents are being urged to register their dogs and purchase the required license tags at the Tinian Mayor's Office during regular business hours.

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