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Letter to the Editor and other News

Saipan Tribune, Wednesday, January 3, 2006

Important partners, too!

Your Person of the Year article forgot to mention that the Saipan Tribune and your parent company, Tan Holdings Corp., are two of the most important partners of Beautify CNMI! Your weekly (and sometimes daily) reports of our various activities and campaigns have been essential in our goal "to enhance the CNMI’s natural beauty and foster community pride in its residents and visitors." You heap too much praise on us without recognizing your own involvement. Through your written words and photos, your paper has brought our vision to the people of the CNMI. We couldn’t have been as successful as we have been without your involvement. The honor you bestowed on us is as much yours as it is ours.

As for Tan Holdings, your company has been involved in everything we have done. Tan Holdings’ employees, friends, and family members have participated in cleanups, donated supplies, contributed ideas in meetings, and donated cash contributions.

What more can I say?

Thank you.

Angelo O’Connor Villagomez
Restoration Committee chair, Beautify CNMI!
Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council

Other News:

>>>Beautify CNMI was mentioned in Walt Goodridge's weekly commentary

>>>We got a tongue in cheek reference by Sour Grape's Bruce Bateman

>>>The Saipan Tribune is also reporting that Beautify CNMI! is taking on responsible pet ownership (This is partially true; we are taking on the stray and dead dog issue, of which responsible pet ownership is a part)

>>>Four litter bugs have recently been busted

>>>We've also been asked by one of our partners to do something about the supposed "stench" eminating from the Garapan sewers:

Marianas Variety, Wednesday, January 3, 2006

Garapan sewer stench driving tourists away
By Emmanuel T. Erediano
Variety News

A STENCH said to be coming from the drainage system at the Paseo de Marianas in Garapan is driving tourist away, according to one of the restaurant owners in the area.

Kinpachi Restaurant and Paseo De Marianas Promoters general manager Misako Kamata said businesses in the area have been complaining about the foul odor for quite some time now.

She said tourists and residents who visit the Paseo have also complained about the sewer stench that “seems to be coming from all directions.”

Although people who work in the area seem to be used to it, the stench still poses serious problems for businesses, especially restaurants and bars, Kamata said.

She added that customers may lose their appetite and decide to eat somewhere else when they smell the disturbing odor from the sewer.

Kamata said she has already reported the matter to the proper authorities but nothing has been done about it yet.

She said Beautify CNMI! shares her concern and told her in a letter dated Dec. 23 that the group may either request the contractor to deploy a half-day cleaner in the area seven days a week, “or perhaps add a little money for the additional task.”

Beautify CNMI!’s junk goods committee also told her that the contractor hired to get rid of the problem will be given a stern warning to keep the site clean, or else the contract will be terminated.

Kamata said the Paseo de Marianas Promoters have already done all they can to enhance the area.

Now she said, the sewer stench is the only problem left and it’s creating a bad image for the area.

“We can clean this place ourselves. In fact we’re doing that already,” Kamata said, adding that they are willing to help whatever government agency will take action on the sewer stench problem.

“I hope (Beautify CNMI!) will include a solution to this problem in their program,” she said.

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