Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Looking forward to the rest of 2007

Marianas Variety, Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Beautify CNMI! events this year
By Emmanuel T. Erediano
Variety News Staff

BEAUTIFY CNMI! is planning more activities this year.

During a meeting at the Division of Environmental Quality, the coalition’s committee chairpersons gave updates on ongoing projects and activities, and revisited their original mission and goals.

Recycling committee chairwoman Tina Sablan said Tasi Tours will sponsor a Managaha recycling contest.

She also announced a plan for the most beautiful village contest, the details of which will be discussed in the next meeting on Jan. 22.

The restoration committee’s Angelo Villagomez discussed the government’s plan for events involving the Micronesian Challenge which aims to conserve 30 percent of the region’s nearshore resources and 20 percent of its forest resources by 2020.

There will be more cleanup drives and tree plantings this year.

Villagomez also announced tree-trimming training for 12 personnel from the Commonwealth Utilities Corp., the Division of Parks and Recreation Division and the Saipan Mayor’s Office on Jan. 30.

The litter and junk committee gave an update on the junk car removal project and identified the old Hawaiian Rock Quarry as a possible site for scrap processing.

The meeting also discussed the Pet Assistance and Welfare Services’ plan to promote responsible pet ownership in light of the island’s stray dog and road kill problems.

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