Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Ultra Mega Update

It has been a while since I reported on our activities. I have to apologize. Beautify CNMI! came roaring out of the gates in 2007. I can barely keep up with our events, never mind take the time to post pictures of them afterwards.

The weekend before last was very busy.

On Saturday, January 13, we had a bus stop painting planned, but our good intentions were thwarted by rain. Doh!

On Sunday, January 14, MOVER led another cleanup of the road between Northern Marianas College and San Vicente Elementary.

Monday, January 15 was "a day on, not a day off." In the spirit of the inaugural celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the CNMI, Willie Brundidge of Mozell's Boys led a beach cleanup of Makaka Beach in Garapan. Volunteers from MINA, Rep. Kaipat's office and family, Rep. Waki's office, and MOVER picked up trash on the beach.

On Thursday, January 18, the Restoration Committee had their first meeting of 2007. Super huge thanks to Ruth Tighe for taking notes. I will compile them and post them here...soon.

This past weekend was busy as well.

MINA sponsored their first cleanup of Mina drive on Saturday morning, January 20. 25 Volunteers from the village of As Matuis, CNMI Forestry, Aqua Resort/ISA CNMI, Vice-Speaker Quitugua's Office, and Rep. Taman's office joined the MINA members to clear sword grass and plant 20 Da'ok trees along the road. For the rest of 2007, MINA will alternate between restoring Wing Beach and Mina Drive on the third Saturday of each month.

While MINA cleaned Mina Drive, MOVER cleaned Isa Drive in San Vicente. They removed litter from the road between San Vicente Elementary and the San Vicente Post Office. They piled the trash next to the bus stop near Laulau Bay Rd and volunteers from Rep. Kaipat's office picked it up on Monday and took it to the transfer station.

Sunday morning, January 21, was Laulau Beach Day. The Red Cross is restoring the BBQ pala palas along South Laulau Beach. They are replacing the roofs, installing some benches, rebuilding the BBQ pits, and applying fresh paint.

While the Red Cross worked on South Laulau, about 40 volunteers led by MOVER removed trash from North Laulau. MOVER was joined by volunteers from MINA, Pacific Eagle/ISA CNMI, Saipan International School, and Mike Tripp Productions.

I'll have an update of our Earth Team Volunteer numbers...soon.

I think that's about it. Did I miss anybody? I am notorious for misspelling "thier" and forgetting all of the people who attending our cleanups (like when I forgot to mention that David Cohen came to one of our cleanups). I'm trying to be better. Apologies in advance.

We have several events planned for this upcoming weekend. I will post them on our calendar as soon as I remember what they are.

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Cinta said...

Angelo and All,

Kyle from my staff reported that he and a volunteer hauled away 420 lbs of trash from the Laulau clean up yesterday (Sunday).

Thanks to EVERYONE for another excellent teamwork success story!

Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat