Friday, January 19, 2007

Thank you, Webmasters!

It looks like Ruth Tighe is the latest person to add a link to Beautify CNMI! from her website (Ruth Tighe: On My Mind). We are also featured prominently on,,,,, and many, many others.

Every time a new website links to us, the Beautify CNMI! pagerank increases. The higher our pagerank, the higher we will appear in search results. That will help us reach more people and, as Cinta says, infect more people with the Beauty Virus.

Please add one of the following links or images to your email or online forum signature, or the main page of your blog, myspace profile, livejournal, or other website (linking to the Beautify CNMI! website, of course).

If enough bloggers link to us, I'll start a blogroll. Maybe.

Simply copy and paste the code below into your blog template:


Beautify CNMI!

White Background
170 x 170 pixels:

More to come soon...

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