Friday, January 19, 2007

Thanks, Jayvee

From this week's Saipan Tribune editorial:

I love the way the Beautify CNMI! approached the problem of robberies in Marpi. Knowing that the criminals' modus operandi involved hiding within the surrounding shrubberies and trees, Beautify CNMI!, together with other government agencies, cleared the jungle of undergrowth, cut off the lower branches of trees, and pushed back the edge of the forest from the parking lots, putting a bigger space between the criminals and their potential victims. The criminals now have fewer places to hide and have a longer distance to run for cover. Simple yet effective. Since that time, there have been no reports of further robberies in the area.
Just to clarify, the thinning of the trees up at Suicide Cliff was coordinated by Beautify CNMI! partners Marianas Visitors Authority, Department of Natural Lands & Resources, and Department of Public Safety.

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