Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Aye Yai Yai! Paging Mr. Roland Quitugua!

How did we get from this...

... to this?

Well, I'm certainly no expert, but the Tree Care and Tree Trimming Workshop that Beautify CNMI! and RC&D co-sponsored taught me where to look first for the problem and this is what I found...

Our Ace Instructor, Mr. Roland Quitugua of RC&D Guam, was right when he said that bushcutters (as wonderful as they are on weed) are the biggest menace to plants. Here are some devastating effects of this tool wreaked upon these once thriving daok trees that Beautify CNMI! volunteers planted at the Grotto last year.

This highlights the importance of continuing our training in workshops such as that which was recently conducted by Roland Quitugua and which was attended by Beautify CNMI!'s coalition partners RC&D, CUC, DPW, DLNR Forestry and Parks and Rec., and my (Rep. Kaipat's) Office.

Education and awareness are crucial to our ability to avoid repeating these same mistakes that tend to undermine our efforts to help make this a much better place to live and visit. I know that the fellas who took the recent workshop do get it and see the importance of teamwork. Let's get everyone else on board, shall we?

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! That is so interesting. Something learned today.