Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beautify CNMI's Spirit- Contagious!

"Never Doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, its the only thing that ever has" -Margaret Mead.

On Sunday morning, Beautify CNMI and over 100 volunteers rallied together to help clean up the Garapan Tourist District. This was indeed the largest turn out for 2007! My name is Beverly Cabanatan and I am the Women's Ministry team leader for the Saipan Seventh-day Adventist Church. This was my third cleanup with Team BC. The reason that I keep coming back and the reason why I have gotten my church involved is simply because your spirit is contagious! Team BC exhibits unity and extraordinary love for Saipan. It is a powerful feeling to be a part of a community working together for the greater good. I would like to express to Team BC and the community of Saipan that the Saipan SDA Church and School is excited about being involved with Beautify CNMI's projects.

The groups that were represented were: Marianas RC&D, MINA, Kinpachi Restaurant, MOVER, CNMI Power, Saipan International School (SIS), Garapan Elementary School, SDA Church (Women's Ministry and SDA Pathfinders Club) and School, ISA CNMI, Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Staff, and Family, Rep. Absalon Waki, Jr., and Steve Hiney Consulting.

I hope that's everyone. Let me know if I have forgotten anyone.


Volunteer Guy said...

Thanks for the writeup, Bev!

Bon said...

The three students from GES were Audrey, Zalika and Hope. As part of their application for the Commissioner/Principal's awards for 6th grade, students have to perform community, school services and participate in club and academic events aside from keeping a high GPA and character score. They chose BeautifyCNMI! and are getting hooked! This was Hope's 3rd time.

CNMI Blogger said...


Great job! Thanks a lot.


Thanks for encouraging the GES kids to join Beautify CNMI! I'm thrilled that Hope has caught the "beauty virus." It's infectious and incurable. Look forward to infecting you, too. LOL! :D