Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kagman Community Clean-up

Just a few members of the crew working on the Kagman Community Clean-up. A more complete report will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Cinta: Thank you to you and the volunteers for helping to keep the Kagman area clean. I stop by the Kagman schools about every Monday or so (part of the 20 schools I service) and it is a nice area to be in. The view from Kagman High School is beautiful. Great job guys! -Steve Nguyen (

CNMI Blogger said...

Hi, Steve:

Thank you for appreciating the work that our coalition has done. We will be posting pictures and a write-up about it in a little while. The project isn't done yet, but I believe we've made good progress. The kids were let out to help pick up trash whenever their schedules could accommodate. I agree with you, the vie from Kagman High is breathtaking! Seems a shame to spoil the beauty with trash, isn't it? But, with your help and Beautify CNMI, perhaps we may succeed yet in moving our community beyond behaviors that are anti-beatify CNMI. THANKS for always giving your more than 100%!