Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mount Tapachou Cleanup

Mount Tapachou SaipanWe had our first cleanup of Mount Tapachou this morning! 29 volunteers helped us removed 460 lbs of trash. Most of the trash was on the side of the mountain, just below the lookout. For years people have been throwing paper cranes and beer cans over the side. There were so many beer cans on the side of the mountain that the volunteers couldn't take a SINGLE step without hearing the loud crunch of an aluminum can.

Some of participants this week were MINA, Marianas RC&D, MOVER, Tasi Tours, Mike Tripp Productions, Visitors Channel, Rep. Cinta Kaipat & Family, Church of Latter Day Saints, and Mr. Abe Malae.

It has been a while since somebody removed the cans littering the lookout. Isn't that beer can like 5 years old or older? Isn't that ice tea can from 1973 or something?

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