Saturday, February 10, 2007

No more Mr. Nice Guy

This morning 77 volunteers helped Beautify CNMI! remove 2,580 lbs of trash along the stretch of beach between Aguingan Point and San Antonio Elementary School. In terms of volunteer numbers, this was not our largest cleanup of 2007, but in terms of pounds of trash removed it was.

Inside one of the bags of household trash we found along the beach, one of our volunteers noticed a pair of receipts from Hollywood Video.

On January 7, 2007, somebody named Vany Andonius rented Miami Vice and Jet Li's Fearless. On January 11, Vany Andonius rented Crank, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Invincible (click on the scan of the receipts for a larger version).

After watching the movies (were they any good?), Vany chose to dispose of his (her?) household trash by dumping it on San Antonio Beach.

There is nobody named Vany Andonius listed in the CNMI Phone Book, so I need the readers of this blog to do me a favor:

If you know her, please call Vany Andonius' mother and tell her that Vany has been illegally dumping on our public beaches. I trust DEQ and DPS to do their jobs, but there is no greater authority than Mom.

Thank to everyone who showed up this morning to help us pick up trash! Thank you to Hopwood Junior High School for hosting the event and thank you to CAMI-CNMI, MINA, Marianas RC&D, Saipan International School, ISA CNMI, Rep. Kaipat, Rep. Tenorio, and Rep. Waki for bringing volunteers!

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Anonymous said...

Angelo: I think it was some person named "Billy"M... who signed the receipt.