Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smells Like FMI Spirit!

This past Sunday (FMI) Friends of the Mariana Islands were at it again hosting their 5th cleanup on South Laulau Beach. About thirty early morning risers volunteered and helped remove 580 lbs of beach litter. It was horrifying to see so much illegally dumped trash on the roadside and on the beach. Here are some pictures of our clean up and interesting finds.

Sunday mornings in Saipan are beautiful and shouldn't be wasted by sleeping in. FMI encourages the community of Saipan to stay active. Come out to make new friends, exercise, and help keep Saipan beautiful.

I Just wanted to thank our participants for coming out: Rep. Cinta Kaipat's Office, Kaipat Family, ISA-CNMI, Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI), Community members Ian Catlett, Jesse Sablan, Bruzzese-Bader Family (Lynne, Don, Coleman, Sofia, and Jesse), SDA Church.

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