Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you, MVA!

A few months back MVA donated $10,000 to be used for Beautify CNMI! activities. $1200 of that money was earmarked to pay for beach cleanup supplies. The supplies were purchased this week.

Marianas Variety, Wednesday, February 7, 2007

MVA has 1-year supply of gloves, bags for cleanups
By Emmanuel T. Erediano
Variety News Staff

VOLUNTEERS will now have enough supplies for cleanup activities as the Marianas Visitors Authority has donated a supply of gloves and plastic bags good for one year.

Angelo Villagomez, executive director of the Marianas Islands Natural Alliance and coordinator of the Resource Conservation and Development Council, said, MVA donated 8,500 pairs of gloves and 3,500 plastic bags for Saipan cleanup activities.

Villagomez said MVA brought boxes of supplies during the latest cleanup drive in Garapan on Sunday involving over 100 volunteers from the Japanese community, including tourists, and members of the MOVER organization.

MVA, as partner of the Beautify CNMI! coalition, has been focusing on improving the Garapan tourist district.

The supplies, Villagomez said, will allow volunteers and Beautify CNMI! to schedule at least two cleanup drives every weekend.

Villagomez is again encouraging residents to continue “adopting” roads and beaches.

The Sunday cleanup, he added, did not include the drainage system in Garapan.

He said a committee has been formed to address the “long-term problem,”
It will take a lot of planning to resolve the drainage problem in Garapan, he said.

Mariana Islands Nature Alliance and Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council lead beach and road cleanups around Saipan every single weekend. There are also a number of government agencies, businesses, and community organizations that lead cleanups every month or every month. We are all always looking for more volunteers.

The schedule of cleanup events can be found by clicking HERE. There is no need to RSVP for event (although it would be nice), all you have to do is show up. If you would like to add an event or if you need cleanup supplies for your cleanup, please contact Angelo Villagomez.

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