Friday, February 02, 2007

The Virus is Spreading

From Ruth Tighe: On My Mind:

Let's also hope that the omission of any mention of Beautify CNMI! in the announcement of the Division of Environmental Quality's beautiful village contest was an oversight. Particularly since it also is tied to Beautify CNMI!'s re-cycling goal of providing curb pick-up to the entire island, surely this fits right into the Beautify CNMI! campaign, and should be conducted in coordination with other BC members?

And speaking of beautifying the CNMI, I came across two groups doing clean up on their own just this past week: a group from the Japanese organization ISA CNMI doing a meticulous clean-up along the Micro Beach shoreline - they were even picking up the numerous cigarette butts! - and a private group cleaning one of the roads in Tanapag Village. It's catching!!!!

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