Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome Troops To Teachers!

Beautify CNMI!'s now-famous "beauty virus infection" strikes again!

Almost a week ago, last Friday, the 16th, I spoke to the Troops To Teachers Group, which had indicated to me that they were interested in joining Beautify CNMI! For those who don't know, the Troops To Teachers Program allows our returning soldiers to work on completing their college education with a degree in education. Our Troops have been spending time in the classrooms as students as well as assistant teachers. Here are some pictures of me talking to some of the Troops about their prospective project in collaboration with Beatify CNMI, my office (Rep. Cinta Kaipat's Office), and the Energy Office.

The Troops To Teachers Program's Director here in the CNMI is Geri Willis, the sweet lady in the green dress. Thanks to Geri for her vision and heart! Roman Benavente, one of the original four Troops To Teachers participants along with Fred Camacho, informed me that the Troops To Teachers Group wanted to join Beautify CNMI! Of course, I immediately said "WELCOME!" I'm always happy to hear that the "beauty virus infection" is alive and well! :)

Shortly before my invitation to come speak with the Troops, Linda Torres of the Energy Office contacted my office and requested some manpower assistance for a particular project she had. After a meeting, Linda informed me that she had been running a program to assist the elderly and indigents in our community lower their energy consumption by as much as 30% by having their roofs waterblasted and painted with this special paint (can't remember what it's called now). Well, now you know that got my attention! In addition to the waterblasting and roof painting, Linda said they also needed assistance replacing doors where needed.

I thought, hmmm....this project is going to require a SPECIAL group from the Beautify CNMI! Partners Coalition. Anyone guess which Special Group this might be? Yep! That's right! If these brave young men and women can survive the fierce streets of Baghdad, surely they can climb a roof to waterblast and paint it! THANKS, YOU GUYS & GALS!!! THANKS, Ger!

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