Sunday, March 11, 2007

Call To Attend The Village Zoning Meetings

On March 4, I (Rep. Cinta Kaipat) attended the first of a series of village zoning meetings at the Multi-Purpose Complex. The meetings are necessary to allow residents a voice in the Zoning Board's current efforts to put together a Comprehensive Land-Use Plan. In its first meeting, I was disappointed in the low turnout of residents from the villages of Koblerville and San Antonio. Other than the 5 Zoning Board members and staff, I counted only 14 participants, including a couple cabinet members.Zoning Chairman Henry HofschneiderZoning Board Executive Director Steve Tilly and Chairman Henry HofschneiderZoning Board members Dr. Liz Rechebei, Herminia Fusco, and Sid Cabrera

Residents, now is the time to help shape our communities. Do not waste this opportunity to help improve our villages. How about those sidewalks that need to be built for safety so our kids don't have to walk in the streets and get hit by a car? How about zoning out pokers, junk cars, and the tire shops, etc. out of residential areas? How about laws that keep garment factories and other large factories from being built in residential areas? How about laws that restrict extensions built too close to the roads, thereby posing safety hazards? These are just a few concerns that the Zoning Board needs to hear from each of you!
L-R: Ray Mafnas, Dr. John Joyner, Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Rep. Joe Guerrero, and other participants

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