Monday, March 12, 2007

Even an 8th Grader Can Tell You...

Students at Hopwood have been doing research on a variety of environmental topics for the Micronesia Challenge. This week, they will be turning in their papers. Next quarter they will develop educational projects for the community. One group chose to research seagrass. They set up a simple experiment to demonstrate how sea grass absorbs chemicals from the water. Two test tubes were filled with sea water and one drop of pink food coloring. Sea grass from the lagoon was placed in one of the tubes. The tubes were placed in a sunny window for 2 days.

As you can see from the pictures, the sea grass did indeed soak up the food coloring. I don't want to spoil all their fun or limelight. They will be publishing their report on the Green CNMI blog and if you have a venue for student work ie pictures, articles, etc. let me know by sending an email or posting a comment. My email is Maybe the legislature, hotel owners, tourists and the govenor should do this experiment.

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Bree Reynolds said...

Hey I did a google for seagrass and saipan and bc was the first hit!!!!!