Saturday, March 03, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpublished!

Members of the Southern High School National Honor Society and JROTC with instructor Steve Tudela.
Haze? What haze? Despite Beautify CNMI!'s cancellation of this weekend's clean-up activities in Koblerville, some super-motivated volunteers decided to proceed anyway with the clean-ups. Many, many thanks to Southern High School's National Honor Society and the JROTC members for the excellent job they did picking up trash on Koblerville's main strip!Did I miss anyone? Yes, the wonderful instructors, like Mr. Jesse Tudela. Thank you instructors for leading the charge!
Pehaps someone can leave a comment here as to how many people actually came out for the cleanup. I know that there were more people who came out than are in the above picture. If anyone took pictures, please e-mail them to me at and I'll choose some to post. Thank you. My office picked up the trash bags alongside the road and delivered them to our partners, the Parole volunteers, at the substation for their disposal. Thank you. We will find out later how many pounds of trash were collected. All in all, a great job was done by everyone! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

I'll publish Parole volunteer pictures soon.

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