Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 22, 2007--Team Chura Talo Adopts Dandan Road--Pt. 1 of 6

Thursday, March 22, 2007, may have been a day off for many, but not for the Beautify CNMI! beauticians. Making their inaugural cleanup of their newly adopted road are the Kaipat, Cabrera, and Camacho families of Dandan, who call themselves "Team Chura Talo." Heading Team Chura Talo are Kyle Kaipat and Daisy Cabrera; Dennis Cabrera and Kayla Kaipat; Bud & Mary Kaipat; and Manning & Joyce Camacho. They are joined by various family members and relatives. They've adopted Dandan Road from the Adios/Welcome sign at lower Dandan to the San Vicente Rounhouse.

Rep. Cinta Kaipat and family, Angelo Villagomez of RC&D, MINA, and Beautify CNMI! and friend Deana Felix joined this newly formed and "newly infected group."

Incidentally, Angelo brought along a friend to the cleanup. Her name is Deana Felix; she is the sister of Diana Felix, who is a teacher at San Vicente School and a Beautify CNMI! beautician herself. Deana had only been on Saipan for three days before she got infected with the "beauty virus." Oh-Oh...Sorry, Deana, but once infected, you're incurable! :0

Here are some pictures of the cleaning crew.

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